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Not lie down

Sharks @ Canucks, Jan 20 2011

I don’t want to care if the Sharks win this one.  I know they need the points but I don’t want to want a win against the Canucks.  The Sharks losing to them just isn’t something I want to feel bad about.  It’s hard but I’m going to try and not care about the winning thing.

I just want the Sharks to not lie down.

I like what Wellwood is doing.  He wants to carry the puck in, fails a few times.  But I like to see it.

The game is half over, the Sharks are down by one, they have not scored yet.  The only positive thing I take from the lone goal was that Heatley had a mental lapse so glaring that it is not likely to happen again soon.

The Sharks are not lying down.  Paddy fell but the team cleans up that break away, despite some bobbles.  Wallin communicates clearly enough for even me to understand.

And Coutch ties it up after the next faceoff.

The ‘Nucks respond with a ferocious attack.  It goes on forever.  The Sharks fight it off and respond with an attack of their own, one foreshortened by Luongo.

Not lying down, the Sharks keep pushing back even when the ‘Nucks put them on their heels.

They seem to have a plan.  I can’t tell what it is, but they are using the space on the ice well.  There seems to be a structure they return to quickly, after every slip or bump from the opposition.

I think this is good.  Randy and Drew say they like the team’s energy level.  Energy is good, but not useful if you don’t have a plan to follow.

During the second intermission, I check the league scores to see how badly the Penguins beat the Devils.  They beat them by negative two.  That is, the Devils shut them out 2-0.  Huh.  No Malkin, no Crosby, so much for the Penguins’ formidable depth.  And hello there, Mr. Brodeur.

The third period starts off with a bang and rolls on like thunder.  I am speechless.  Yes, it’s a tie game.  Yes, teams fight harder in a tie but this is mind-blowing.  I start thinking players have been on the ice for too long, not changing.  I think if I notice it, at least some must be stretching their shifts out.  The pedal is down, no backing off, all go, no slow.

Four minutes left in the game and I think I will not be disappointed by a loss.  I will be sad for the team but I hope they will be proud of themselves no matter what.

I’m proud of them.  Proud?  Where do I get off being proud or ashamed of an NHL team?  What do I have to do with it?  Don’t you need to be part of a thing to feel pride or shame? That is a question way too complicated for me to try to answer right now.

The refs have been appalling, but neither team seems interested in taking advantage of that. They were all business.

I tweet to Coutch and Seto that I’m proud to be a Sharks fan tonight.  I do that before OT ends, before the Sharks kill off their OT penalty.  I want to not care if they lose.

Nonetheless, my heart is racing, I haven’t been so worked up over a game since the playoffs.  It goes to a shoot out.

Pavs wins it, or maybe Nemo does, not sure how it works with shoot-outs.

Sharks win, 2-1.


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