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Hurt So Good

A little back and forth on Twitter caught my eye this morning:

To which Whyno tweeted:

To which Baicker conceded:

I don’t get it.  How can a game between the Flyers and the Panthers, or for that matter the Devils, this season be interesting UNLESS the Flyers lose?  Sure, it hurts a little but just enough to keep things interesting.  But I’m a quirky fan, I get bored with win win win win win win.  That’s why I like the Flyers and the Sharks.  They keep it interesting.  I mean if I did like seeing a team do everything right, and almost never lose unless they have half their best players out with injury, I would be a Red Wings fan.

All that said, the Flyers are NOT playing the Panthers or the Devils today.  They are playing the Habs.  Sure, the Habs are pretty banged up right now but they are a tricky bunch, everyone finally knows that.  Even if they didn’t know that, they would know that Price is pretty fun to beat.  So, I don’t expect anything today.  I actually anticipate some suspense to the game.

Go Tigger team!


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