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Sharks @ Bruins, Feb 5, 2011

The Sharks D seem very attentive today.  Vlasic seems to be having trouble, but Wallin, Boyle, Demers are being very helpful. I see Wallin fan on a point shot and give the puck away, but within strides he pokes it away from the Bruins player and the Sharks can go back on the attack.  See, no one is perfect, it’s all about dealing with  the inevitable mistakes.

Eager has been playing very well for the Sharks.  Nemo isn’t having a great game in terms of rebounds, but the team seems prepared for that, they are cleaning those up quite well.

The Bruins are not having a great game.  They are missing a lot of shots.  Nemo has made some good saves, and Sharks are blocking a lot of shots.  Still, too many opportunities for the Bruins, it looks like dumb luck that they haven’t scored.

Setoguchi seems to be a lot stronger on his skates than earlier in the season, he keeps his feet even under considerable pressure.  He isn’t scoring like some fans hoped he would but I think he is developing into one of those very useful players who don’t score as much.  Good on the forecheck, good at crashing the net, creating traffic.  Couture mentioned one instance during the first period when Seto moved a defenseman out of the way, giving Coutch the room he needed to score.  That suggests good sense, good vision.

I think fans should stop talking about trading Seto away.  He’s making fewer and fewer mistakes, and he is generating good chances for the team.  He’s maturing into an almost indispensable player.

As if to justify all that, Seto sews up the game with an empty netter.  It took him two tries, since someone blocked the first try, but he kept his composure and shot the rebound in.

Hey, that was a shut out for Nemo!

Much is made of Niemi “outplaying” Tim Thomas. I would bet Nemo doesn’t see it that way.  But I think it is very important for the team to be handling those rebounds as well as they did today. It reminds me of the Flyers. It reminds me of a team that knows what they have, knows how to use it, and isn’t whining about wanting this or that to make them better.

To me, the way they played today suggests self-sufficiency. Are they starting to embrace their identity? That could make them dangerous, in a good way.


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