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Very very superstitious

Stephen Whyno wrote a little jinxy article about how the Flyers have not been cut off at the knees by injuries this season. (Knock on Wood…) They haven’t been mercilessly culled by the fates the way the Pens have been, or the Red Wings, or the Sharks goalie string.  Whyno said he couldn’t find a suitable pic of a black cat in a Flyers jersey, though he thought about using one for his article.

I’ve tried to buy dog jerseys and never could find a good one. I can’t imagine what you would have to do to get a cat into a jersey.

So I decided to see what my cat thought about orange and black, and jerseys in general:

It is kind of hard to pose a cat under something...

...but throw a clean garment of any sort on the bed and you get insta-pose kitty.

It is true. I have zero interest in the Super Bowl. I would rather take pictures of my cat on a Flyers jersey.

I am fairly certain that black cats are actually good luck.  The Ancient Egyptians thought all cats were good luck, or maybe they chased away evil spirits.  Maybe they just guarded the gates of the underworld. Oh well, it all sounds like good stuff to do.

So here’s to the health of the Flyers.  They already gave at the office anyway.



  1. Scum says:

    My dearest Petshark,

    A black cat is not any different than any other cat, with the singular exception of its color. Now, personality is a different story altogether – and I’ll guess that you have the best black cat of all time 😉

    Superstitions are just products of over-active imaginations!
    (throwing salt over shoulder)

    • petshark says:

      Well, maybe not the best of all time but he is pretty funny. I like to mention that he came from the pound as an adult but he has learned to get along with the dogs, and also the dogs came from the pound as adults and learned to get along with cats. So far he has been good luck for me.

  2. Scum says:

    My folks had 2 black cats, among the many they started with years ago, and they were both great pets. The male thought he was a guard dog and would follow my Dad everywhere. He would attack the neighbor’s german shepherd whenever it dared to venture onto the property.

    Quite the character, that one!

    I’m glad you adopt.

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