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Waiting to Exhale

Watching the Sharks @ Capitals game was a little like suffocating. I’m making a point of not comparing it to recreational forms of suffocation, even though that would be an easy comparison to make.

But as the Sharks get ready for the Devils game, the second game after that suspenseful shut out win in DC, I still feel a little like I’m shallow breathing. 

There have been some developments. Worcester has a new goalie, McCarthy has been sent down again, Mitchell should be ready to play. So some lingering issues are being resolved, though I’m always sorry to see McCarthy out. Yet I cannot process it. I’m still waiting for other other shoe to drop.

The Sharks have won five in a row. FIVE: that ellusive target from back before the dark age, aka the 2011 losing streak. That target has been reached.  The team would LIKE to make it six, but they also NEED every single win they can get.

I see lots of talk about how the Devils and the Sharks have matched up in the past, how the Devils have done at home, etc, etc.  All that needs to be thrown out the window. The Sharks are getting their act together, the Devils are playing like there’s no tomorrow.  Nothing is even a little bit predictable tonight.

So when is it safe to exhale?  When will they be in the clear?  No rest for the inconsistent or their followers?

So, July it is.  Surely, with all those extra weekends we should be able to breathe easy.



  1. Scum says:


    Let me know if you hold your breath that long… I’ll contact Guinness Book of World Records for you. I’d wish you luck, but based on another comment in your post, I feel that you enjoy the practice of holding your breath.

    Can you tweet this back to Panaccio:
    823 years ago the world didn’t end, nor the times before that. No worries this time around either.


    Sharks on a 10 (5×2) game tear where there are no regulation losses. Is that right? That’s twice the “5” power – Go Sharks!!

    P.S. It’s 02.11.20011 – be careful around 11:02 & 11:20 pm 😉

  2. Scum says:

    Thanks goodness, you seem much too intelligent to do something that incredibly dumb (suffocation games).

  3. Scum says:

    Well, the power of 5 turned out to be Kryptonite for the Sharks. Let’s hope Chicago holds their 3-goal lead over Dallas.

  4. Scum says:

    That was a bad hockey night all around. I hope you made it past 11:02 and 11:20 last night without incident.

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