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Avs @ Sharks, Feb 19, 2011

Aside from scoring three times and losing two players to injury and White being helpful, the first period was… It was.

To start the second period off, Huskins was back. That was easy to notice because he took a penalty.

Today on Twitter I saw a comment from the Goalie Guild about how important it is for a goalie to keep his chest up when moving across the crease.

That is what I’m always thinking about Nemo.  When he gets rattled, he slumps over too much, too soon, makes himself small.  That’s too bad because he is really not small.

Nemo is also quite reckless about throwing his upper body in harm’s way.  Tonight he made a pad save, but first hurled his head and shoulders into a player’s feet.  Moving feet, skating feet.  Scary feet.

I know I’ve seen him do that before.

It is very brave, and laudable.  But I wish he would stop it.  We only have one goalie right now.  The Sharks can’t afford to have him get hurt.

Also, it’s Nemo.  I like Nemo.  I don’t want anyone to step on Nemo’s head, or neck, or hand, or wrist… eeeyyeee!

Watching the replays during the intermission, I got a better look at that save and the one that followed it.  Wow is Nemo strong.  It doesn’t even look like he’s on ice.  Players and pucks hit him like a wall.  It would be strange indeed if a puck could move him but when another player runs into him and he doesn’t move, wow.  Sure, if a few pile into him, he slides like anyone else would. But it is impressive how much force it takes to move him.

Sturdy.  Stout.  And strong too.  For an understated guy, he is pretty daunting.

Cheers, Nemo.  Well done.  A votre sante.  And I really mean that, even if I can’t put the right accent on it with this phone.


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