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3, 3, 3 and 3

At this moment, these are the Phantoms and Woo Sharks scores.  My teeth are on edge.

Also, 3 is significant because of Seto’s 3 goal game, and Clowe’s 300th.  And I want to say there must be a three in Nemo’s shut out count.  But I will have to verify that. Some time later when both AHL teams aren’t tied in the 3rd.

Okay, I couldn’t wait.  It looks like it was Nemo’s 39th game played this season.  That’s got threes.  It was his fifth shut out. His 20th win, putting him in 16th place for wins.  Not many threes in there.  But I’m not going to worry about it.

…back to the tie games.



  1. Scum says:

    Since you are on the topic of numb3rs, don’t forget it’s 02.20.2011

    I hope I am safe in assuming that you’ve survived:
    11:02 am
    11:20 am
    1:02 pm
    1:20 pm
    2:01 pm
    2:02 pm
    2:11 pm
    2:20 pm
    Well.. you get the point…

    How ’bout the shoot outs today on NBC (a 3-letter acronym)? All we need is the Heritage Classic to go to a shoot out and that will make 3!

    I hope you had a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

    And once again- be very careful around:
    8:11 pm (20:11hrs) – this is especially important time
    11:02 pm
    11:20 pm – second most important time

    …and of course, the following mathematical gymnastical excercise:
    2×2-2+0-1×1= 3

    And lastly.. the Heritage Classic score right now is 3-0 Montreal at the start of the 3RD period!

    We can’t forget that if the Sharks make it to the Conf. Finals, it will be their 3rd appearance!

    P.S. Don’t watch any 3D movies tonight.

    • petshark says:

      Oh that is way too many numbers for me to process. See, I can’t count.

      But maybe I will go catch the end of the Heritage Classic. All my other games are over now. Win some, lose some.

      And if the Sharks make it to the Conference Finals for a third time, that could be a charm!

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