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Hockey Day in America


Flyers @ Rangers, February 20, 2011

I had a tantrum when the Flyers game started out looking a lot like a Caps game.  NBC apparently wanted to show the start of the Caps game instead of pregame Flyers.  They could have at least used subtitles or a scrolling banner to announce that the Flyers game would be starting shortly.  Whatever.

My Dad called me to tell me there was thing on tv about a celebrity game in So Cal I think.  He wasn’t very clear about who what or where but it had something to do with a movie and hockey and today.

I guess that could be Hockey Day in America for the West Coast?

Flyers started out sluggish as they are wont to do for early afternoon games.

One of the NBC announcers said, of Giroux’s goal in the second, that Giroux has a highly underrated shot.  That made my brain go all squiggledy.  I cannot listen to anything else they have to say. If the other one wanted me to keep listening, he should have loudly mocked his partner for being a ninny.

Also amusing in the second period was the third Flyers goal.  My initial reaction was this:

Are you $hitting me? CARCILLO with the spinorama backhand beating Lundquist?  ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING?????

So that was fun.

These announcers are also amazed by how calm Boosh looks.  They cannot say it enough.  It is as if they expect goalies to seem some other way. Hysterical perhaps?  Fearful?  Very angry?  Whatev.

They also talk about how Boosh helps Bob, “settles him down,” they say.  I have only heard Boosh say he cannot be of help to Bob because Bob hardly speaks English and Boosh doesn’t speak Russian.  Perhaps the announcers are aware of some unspoken calming influence that Capricorn has over Virgo, delivered through physical proximity, no need for verbal communication.  That is actually not far off, if you believe in astrology.  But I don’t think the announcers mean that.

I speculate about a lot of things but I don’t go on tv making stories up out of whole cloth.  That’s just wrong.

So these guys are losing credibility by the second.  I think they now have a minus credibility rating, so they will have to gain some to have any.

Dammit.  Boosh is hurt.  The announcers kept mentioning how healthy he’s been.  Wow, they’re jinxes too.

Oh crap.  Looks like his right hand.  Crap crap.

Great, after the commercial break he’s still in.  And the Rangers score.

Ouch. Talk about adding insult to injury.

The rest of the third is not going great.    The minnussers observe that the Rangers have not had a power play yet, and they volunteer that this is amazing since no one would expect the Flyers to be penalty-free.

Minus 12 now.

Apparently, according to the minnussers, O’Donnell had been hurt. That is extremely distressing.  Though I’m not sure I can believe the minnussment.

Later, outside sources confirmed: indeed, O’Donnell injured early in the first, probably will be good to go soon. Boosh, according to him, suffered a “stinger,” a pain in the neck that caused numbness in his arm.

Yeah, I’ve had stinging pains down my arm from my neck. But never so that my arm went numb.  I am not comforted by this news.  Well, I don’t expect Boosh to keel over suddenly from a “stinger”, but I worry about him not being able to play right now.

Oh, Flyers won 4-2.  Hardly surprising, but it is much better than losing.  Versteeg got the empty netter at the end of the game, his first goal as a Flyer.  Welcome, Kris. Well done.


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