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The Sound of Thunder

Thunder is just a loud noise.  Jason Demers was not going to  play for the Stockton Thunder.  Still, hearing either sound was enough make a Sharks fan jump.

It reminded me of something a horse trainer once told me about horses in the valley: all that wide open flat land spooks them, makes them want to run.  Why?  Because they can see for miles and miles.  They can see forever, and they see no cover.

So hearing that Demers had been loaned to Stockton was not scary like “omg, DW traded Demers away.”  It was just revealing, a sign that things are very snug under the team’s salary cap, but DW is going to squeeze them all in. This is the team.  That was a kind of exciting sound.

So is the fact that the team sees mostly tough competition from here on out for the season.  Now our team will be tested, no more fiddling around.  We can see the open road ahead. We don’t know everything. We can’t see the future. But it feels like the terrain has opened up, like there are fewer shadows, crevasses, obstructions in the path.  It feels like the home stretch.  That can’t help but get you going a little, logical or not.

I think I must have really heard thunder. After all, something woke me up wide awake at three in the morning. And it wasn’t trade rumors. I already checked Twitter.


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