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So Much for Kicking the Twitter Habit

The Sharks have won five in a row, again.  They are third in the western conference today.  They are  sixth in the league.  They are catching up with the Flyers, which confuses me on many levels.  I’m not unhappy about it, I just feel like there’s some magic math going on here.

The game against the Penguins was another experiment in asphyxia.  Light-headed as I was after that, I can think of nothing else to say about the game.  It might might have ended more quickly except that Couture missed an empty netter.  He promises to atone for that:

That made me wonder if he’d heard about Bob’s promise.  Some are harder to keep than others, but I think not missing empty nets may be more doable than not losing for a month.  Best of luck, Coutch.

And a question Seto fielded:

His answer, despite the typo, gets high adorable marks:


Liked this one too:

…but was surprised by the answer:


That’s okay now that he plays for the right team.

More typos but still on the right track:


Now if I could only figure out why I can’t get Seto and Coutch to follow Carle.  Maybe I should try the reverse first.  Hm.  Worth a try.  Anything to make them all one team!


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