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The Best Thing to Do



Well I guess I was wrong about Zherdev and the Flyers.  I thought they would keep him just in case they could use him in the playoffs.  They didn’t.  So that was wrong.  Then I learned that Zherdev asked to be waived.  Sure, Holmgren spent some time trying to trade him first, but he was not successful.  So I guess even though Zherdev pulled the trigger, I was still kind of wrong.

No one picked him up, so I was wrong there too. But I guess I could take comfort in not being wrong about how his reputation had slipped.  No idea what happens next. Word is, awkwardness ensues. Holmgren is not distraught at the idea of having Zherdev hang around in limbo:  “…he’s pretty good insurance if one of your skill guys gets hurt. So I gotta think long and hard on that.”  -Philly Sports Daily


This morning, Alex Kovalev, Dan Ellis, and Curtis McElhinney all changed teams.  And the Sens picked up Marek Svatos.  That last part, if possible, is more surprising than the first three moves.  Svatos, the player who returned from the KHL to be offered a contract by the Blues, was then snatched off re-entry waivers by the Predators.

Then yesterday he was put on waivers by the Preds.  Apparently he wasn’t what the Preds were looking for.  The Blues were not interested in picking him back up.  Seems they took the Preds’ word for it.  The Sens didn’t.  Probably the Sens are so depleted after trading so many players that they just need warm bodies.  Or maybe they need a pretty face for an ad campaign.


Ellis for McElhinney?  I guess Tampa Bay is rolling with Roli.  Which is splendid and a very happy story.  They have recalled Mike Smith so I suppose McElhinney doesn’t get to be number two there.

Now the Ducks have Ellis as their number one and Emery as their backup.  Interesting.  I was thinking, as I watched the end of the Kings-Ducks game last night, that being called up might be the worst thing that could have happened to Emery right now.  At least in the AHL he was playing, and he needs to play.

Ellis may or may not play well enough to keep Emery on the bench, but I’m not sure the occasional NHL game is what the doctor ordered for Emery. I almost think starting regularly would be better.  At least he would be playing, though that could be a beating to try his patience with this whole comeback thing.  That story has legs.  I hope Emery does too.


The other night I had a dream that Wilson traded Pavelski for Grabner.  The hockey community applauded him for snagging such a hot item.  I was despondent, woke up still in mourning, unsure about whether it had really happened or not.  After scanning Twitter and turning on NHL Live for a few minutes, I determined that it had not happened, but that I should perhaps spend less time on Twitter.

So what does this make me wish Doug Wilson would do?  Nothing. Exactly nothing, if these are the sorts of deals going down.  Good stories are great reading but not always the best way to build or maintain a winning team.  Yes, we need a competent healthy backup goalie.  Yes, we could use some cap space. But if these are the options, please Doug, do nothing.

Unless you could get Leights.  I’m always down with that.


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