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Language Barriers

Much has been made of Bobrovsky needing to learn English so he can communicate with his team mates.  Hardly anyone has suggested that Zherdev’s English is in any way deficient.  But sometimes speaking English doesn’t mean you are speaking the same language.  Though lacking the more profound spiritual struggles seen in other good stories, the coming and goings of Nikolay Zherdev have the distinction of being on a par with light comedy in the style of  a Robert Bresson film.  A lot of people didn’t think Bresson’s films were funny, but they made me laugh.

Bresson was said to work his actors to exhaustion so that they would give the performance he wanted, a sort of sleepy confusion that slowed everything down.  The most banal actions became mysterious and suspenseful.  There’s nothing sleepy about Zherdev, but his choices are fascinating to me for no reason I can comprehend.  I’m not the only one.  Others also find him baffling.

Zherdev has made some very strange comments about who he will talk to and why he won’t talk to some press.  I suspect there is some failure of humor to translate in those statements, but I can’t be sure.  But finally he did speak to them.

There was some speculation that, having requested the move, going to the AHL could not be what Zherdev had in mind.  So if that turned out to be his destination, he had to option to not report and depart the scene entirely.

That he is willing to do some time in the AHL sounds good, sounds like someone who wants to be part of the Flyers organization. But it also sounds like there is a whole paragraph of information missing.

So now they are going to try it again.  Huh.

Evidently the parties agree that the meeting was “productive.”  Good thing that word has such a fixed meaning.

We can but wonder what exactly the different parties mean by “productive” and “work hard” and “willing.”  I cannot speak to what Zherdev or the Flyers have done to this point, aside from their public actions.  Upon hearing he had been waived, Zherdev apparently left the facility with a smile on his face, but refused to speak to reporters.  Was it a brave face?  Or was he just glad to… what?  Be demoted? Out of there?  Did he have an appointment he was looking forward to?  Who knows.

He didn’t have grounds to complain about it. His agent had asked that he be waived.  So what gives?  Just testing the waters?  Didn’t realize you ask to be traded, you get waived?  Oh well.  He’s still with them, even after all the farewells and parting pieces from the Flyers press.

That’s nice.  Mostly it isn’t anything to sweat over.  No one’s gonna die.  Besides, when Laviolette did put Zherdev in, he was frequently productive.


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