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The Best Player in the World

That was a really nice thing for Joe Thorton to say about Patrick Marleau, but the Sharks game against Dallas was proof positive that you do not want to rely on the best player in the world.  Paddy was great but he was not alone.


Sharks and Flyers play today

I’m so excited about that I can’t hardly think.  But I saw this:

Go doctors!  Someone has to save these guys from themselves.

Go Flyers!  Beat the Thrashers because you really need to beat the Thrashers.

Go Sharks!  Beat Dallas and get that playoff spot clinching thing out of the way.

Turn Down the Volume?

Crouching Bob, year of the Dragon

Flyers @ Penguins, March 29, 2011

For no reason I can figure out, sometimes Center Ice does not offer both home and away feeds of games.  Last night was one such, and I had to watch the Pittsburgh feed of the game.  After about 10 minutes and after hearing a completely unfounded accusation that Hartnell had punched Lovejoy in the back of the head, I turned the sound down.  The Flyers scored. I won’t read too much into that. (more…)

SJ Sharks Practice, March 28, 2011

Utterly useless observer on the scene this morning. Surely someone more helpful (DP?) is here too.  But this is what I see: (more…)

The Fan With One Shoe

Two games, four teams, March 26, 2011

The Flyers started out very aggressive against the Islanders, and I don’t mean two fights in under a minute.  I don’t know what to make of those.

They also scored three times, one from Carter, two from JVR.

They gave up one goal and ended the period a little more loose, and I don’t mean in a good way. I suppose the correct term would be a little bit sloppy.


Reduce Heat, Simmer

There may be some stirring involved for this last stage, but the final weeks of the regular season seem like the last stage of any recipe.  You have assembled the ingredients, chopped, ground, soaked, tenderized, whatever you do before you lower the heat and leave it to simmer.  I can’t cook to save my life but I have read enough recipes to know that this is pretty much the end.  Next stage: serve.

The Flyers play the Islanders today, the Sharks play the Coyotes.  Familiar foes all.  I’m cranky with the Flyers so I will talk about the Sharks first.  I may not talk about the Flyers at all.

The Sharks have been mostly playing better than before, but they dropped the bar pretty low earlier in the season.  My perspective may be skewed.  They lost to the Kings but the Kings are pretty frantic right now and the Sharks had won four in a row before that.  Yes, the Sharks had trouble getting their act together in the first period but they did come back with confidence.  That should give Sharks fans hope. (more…)

Mulling that one over

I have decided not to write about the Sharks @ Kings game until I can distinguish it from the Pens @ Flyers game on the same date.  It deserves to be distinguished, despite the eerily similar outcome and that lump in my stomach that makes me think I have displeased some god I promised something to… at some point… and then forgot about.

In the mean time, someone else (seems like many people) agree that the Preds should make my most irksome list.  They may not know about my most irksome list but Justin Bourne made his own list:

Maybe sometime later today I will want to talk about the Sharks falling to their division rivals.  Maybe.