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Holding Fast

The  NHL Trade Dealine came and went without any more changes for Sharks or Flyers.  There was one change for the Phantoms- Greg Moore to Columbus/Springfield and a Player Of Unusual Size to the Phantoms.  Who doesn’t like POUSes?  I don’t know what to make of that.  Apparently the new guy has a Twitter following to match his stature so I guess that works fine.  I’m blanking on his name because I am still a little upset about @MrBalloonHands being sent away.  At least Mike Commodore doesn’t have to worry about sitting on a suitcase in the aisle when the bus is full anymore.  Now Moore can do that.

Today Doug Wilson announced that he signed Nemo to a 4 year contract extension.  That’s nice.  I am not sure what it means for the rest of the team.  There are a lot of contracts to be renegotiated over the summer and, as things stand, not much cap space.  I suppose Wilson expects the cap to go up.  Even if he doesn’t pay anyone else very much,  things are a little snug.

With the cap where it is now, capgeek has the average available salary at around $1.5 mil.  There are a number of contracts up in the air that will command more than that on the open market.  Setoguchi could expect significantly more, but also White, who’s current contract is over $3 mil.  Ah well, cross that bridge when we come to it, if it isn’t already washed out.

In the mean time, Nemo is working like a dog for the team, and I doubt that the contract will change that.  NHL.com has some highlights labeled “Antti Freeze” and “Niemi Stones Stoa.”  Their headline for the contract news is “Sharks Antti Up.”  What fun a name can be.  Also they gave him a star.  That’s nice.  Good for the Western conference to get some love.

And this just in from Brodie Brazil:

Oh dear.  Now I want more injury info.  Oh me oh my.

But welcome back, Mash!


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