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The Dreadful Night

“When thy little heart doth wake, then the dreadful night shall break.” -William Blake

Heard that recently in an episode of  The Mentalist.  I think I had just watched someone lose a hockey game.  I’ll grab on to anything for a little hope.  In that vein, I think the Flyers are only a fluttering eyelid away from coming back, bigger and better.

Lavi’s been making adjustments. There will usually be hiccups when you make adjustments.  In the middle of the season, those hiccups will translate to losses.

Is it a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” That only applies in a static environment.  Change will happen. Better to try and control it.

Even in the last two losses I see light.  Mostly it’s reflected off the blue paint.  In the midst of this orange fracas, Bob is learning to handle the puck.  I only saw one obvious turnover from him today, mixed in with some perfectly respectable passes.  I don’t see everything, but I see about the same percentage of what there is to be seen in each game.  So by my tally, there is progress.  While the skaters are wrestling their demons, Bob’s tending his own garden.  That will be useful in the post-season, no matter where the team is in the standings.

Lavi says this team will win again. That is hardly a stretch.  All they have to do is wake up.  This darkness will pass.  Luckily, sharks really don’t care about dark and light, do not need air and can handle the cold very well.  They just need to keep moving.


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