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Three Alarm Flyer

When I heard my alarm going off this morning, I thought “well that means it isn’t ten o’clock yet.” I haven’t slept until ten o’clock in ages.  I don’t know why my first instinct is to think I slept through the alarm and blew the morning off.  It wasn’t even eight o’clock, but I was still all negative.

The Flyers are playing the Rangers.  Yesterday the Flyers lost their third in a row.  Apparently they did that one other time this season.  “Three losses in a row” pretty much dominated the Flyers Twitter feeds after that.  That went nicely with the ones that followed later: Stars end Sharks’ eight-game winning streak.

Add to that the Phantoms loss with Leights in net and I was in a fine funk by bedtime.

I don’t remember Sharks fans making quite such a big deal about three losses in a row.  But six losses in a row tends to blot out memories of lesser failures.

The Flyers are losing to the Rangers right now.

The way the Flyers played the first period yesterday, I thought maybe two losses in a row was enough to alarm the Flyers and wake them up.

They said Lavi has the flu now. He does look a little green.

What if they lose again? That will be new ground for the 2010-11 Flyers.  Four, can they handle four in a row?

Look what six losses did for the Sharks.  But the Sharks are a different beast.  They might have a higher loss tolerance.  That isn’t great for getting into the playoffs, but it must be some kind of virtue.  I want it to be one.

I’m sure the Flyers are sturdier than their aversion to losing streaks would suggest.  Because of their current standing in the conference and the league, they simply can’t get to where the Sharks were in their worst doldrums.  I think they would have to lose every game for the rest of the season.  I just don’t believe they will do that.

But they are behind right now.  2-0 Rangers.


That was interesting.  7-0 Rangers.

Hm. I once had a horse who would refuse to go into the show ring.  If you could get him in there he would work his tail off.  He didn’t really have to. 60% effort from him was usually enough to win.  But he took it all so seriously that he would be overwrought before he got to work.

I had another horse who would work pretty well for me so I decided I wanted to see what he would do if his trainer rode him in the show.

He went in cool as a cucumber, then proceeded to do everything wrong.  He went out of his way, performed some surprising feats of athleticism to do everything wrong. The trainer said go left, he went right.  He did things he had never in his life done with a rider on his back, sort of like Chris Pronger quitting early on a back check.

Needless to say, the trainer never showed that horse again.

So, are the Flyers horse #1 or horse #2?  Overwrought or sullen?

Get well Lavi.  Whichever one you have, they both require a calm, assertive hand to get them lined out.


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