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Public Displays of Antipathy and other noises


For a Flyers-Sharks fan, today is sort of a double header, again.  I love watching both teams play but I sort of wish they didn’t play so often on the same day.  It could be worse, they could play at the same time, which they usually don’t.  Enough whining.

Flyers v. Some Other Team, March 12 2011, 4:00 pm pst

I can’t recall who the Flyers are playing today. Steve Whyno isn’t tweeting about Flyers anymore so it doesn’t jump to mind.  Honestly, I don’t think it matters.  There is only one team the Flyers have to contend with right now, and that’s the Flyers.

It is ironic that I should blank on today’s opponent.  It is Byfuglien’s new team, the Thrashers. ‘Nuff said.

There are a couple of things I’ll look for in today’s Flyers game.  One, I anticipate some careful attention to puck possession.  Despite winning their last two games, the team is not happy with this part of their game.  In particular, Pronger gave Giroux a dressing down at the end of the Maple Leafs game, some of which was overheard by the media. Capricorns have a way of getting under a Libra’s skin.

GM Paul Holmgren was not unduly perturbed by that inadvertent  public display of antipathy:

Giroux had three turnovers in Tuesday night’s game, a problem in a general sense that Pronger was not too happy about when addressing reporters. But Holmgren said all his players are “guilty at times” of being irresponsible with the puck and making mistakes. -Philadelphia Sports Daily

Another thing I am curious about will be the defensive lines.  Before the last game, Laviolette commented that he would try Nick Boynton with various partners to see who he was comfortable with.  This in the wake of Pronger’s reaggravated injury, which will probably keep him out again today. Holmgren acquired Boyton near the trade deadline from the Blackhawks to do precisely this: fill in for injured blue liners.

One might suppose that now Laviolette has a better idea of where he wants to use Boynton.

Trivia of interest to me: Boyton’s addition also gives the Flyers two ex-Hawks, just like the Sharks have.  I like symmetry.  Also curious, none of the ex-Hawks now playing with the Flyers or the Sharks attended the White House reception for last year’s Stanley Cup champions.  I don’t know if any of the other exiled champions went.  That was an appropriate gesture of loyalty to their new teams but it also made me wonder why the White House would have the reception so long after the championship game.  I’m sure the White House is busy but really, it’s been almost a year.


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