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The Thinned Blue Line(s)

There is some hopeful news about Vlasic, and of course there is plenty of news about Pronger’s hand.  I guess if he keeps injuring hands and feet it is “safe” enough for his team to talk about those.  It is difficult to target a hand or foot, at least at game speed.  The news: he’ll be fine, probably back in plenty of time for playoffs.

Vlasic was hit in the throat by a puck during the Dallas game.  He stayed behind after the game for observation in a hospital, but returned the next day.  He said he is fine.  There’s “fine” and there’s fine.  It did not sound like he would be out tonight.

But that is hard to verify, what with the lack of news and all.

The Sharks are also short another forward which is good news for John McCarthy:

Yay!  Not at all what I expected but yay!

On the other side of the league, Boyton is the odd defenseman out tonight for the Flyers.  Laviolette opted to use Erik Gustafsson who was just called up from the Phantoms.  I can’t think of any reason for him to do that unless he has plans for Gustafsson in the playoffs.  The team played well for him in their last game.

Oh yeah, everyone won.  Finally.  Even Leights and the Phantoms have won two in a row now I think.  The last Worcester Sharks game was a win too.  That was all so exciting I could hardly process it.  Also, my house is about to be dismantled so I’m a little distracted.  Enough about me.

The Flyers played well against whoever they played, despite their lines being all yahtzeed up.  I guess it was the Panthers.  Lavi put an air sign on each line, two on the fourth, and it is rumored he will do this again.  The Briere-Leino-Hartnell line was split up.  Really no line was recognizable to me.  And still they scored, still they pulled out a win.

The Sharks started off badly in Dallas, but pulled out of the dive and won convincingly 6-3.  It was a messy game in a lot of ways, including three injuries: Wallin, Ericksson and as previously mentioned, Pickles.  The only penalty that was reviewed was Heatley’s massively stupid decision to elbow Ott in the general vicinity of the head, hence the team being short one more forward.  He has been suspended for two games.  The Langenbrunner hit on Wallin screamed for review or at least a penalty but McCreary has stopped noticing things like that.  Perhaps he is contemplating his decision to retire.  I get it, that is a big thing to wrap your head around.  But it would be nice if he’d try to watch the game too.

Ericksson was injured in an open ice collision with Murray, which is never a good thing to be in.  A player should at least brace himself if it cannot be avoided.  Ericksson did not, and though Murray’s shoulder could not have been much lower if he were attempting a tackle, Ericksson still managed to make contact head first.

There was a lot of stupid going on in that game.  But it is over.  On to the next.

Tonight the Flyers face the Thrashers again, the Sharks face Minnesota.  And I really hope everyone wins again.  Now I have to go rerout the cables on the other side of my house to prepare for partial demolition.


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