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Stray Notes

I am not following Carolina very closely, but I have noticed that Derek Joslin is getting a lot of minutes with them.  That is good.  Even if the team isn’t doing that well, at least Joslin is getting to play, a much better situation than he had with the Sharks.

Ray Emery has started two games for the Ducks now, and they have won both.  In the second game, Emery looked immensely quicker and more confident than in the first game.  He is improving beyond all reasonable expectations.  That makes me happy.

Leighton won yesterday too.  What is more, he is evidently behaving a little like a defacto team captain.  I have seen a number of goalies do that, but not Leights.  During yesterday’s game, he argued with the refs about some call not involving himself.  At an earlier game, he directed the refs to intervene once he decided a fight ought to be ended.  As mentioned in the tweet yesterday, minor facility maintenance tasks are not beneath him, as he knocked a puck loose from the netting so a fan could get to it.  It isn’t the NHL but he seems to be making the most of his time with the Phantoms.

He is also playing very well for them, which has to make the team extra happy.


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