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Do or die, de da da da…

Penguins @ Flyers, March 24, 2011

I don’t really agree with that statement.  There are a few games left and it isn’t as if the team needs to learn how to play in front of Boosh. I think Lavi could leave Bob in for several games, even every game left in the season, and still be okay starting Boosh in the playoffs.

Bob did start the game, and apparently he was the only one. It is a pity the rest of his team was singing “de do do do, de da da da” instead of trying to beat the Penguins. Pretty sure they were out of tune too.  If indeed this had been a do or die situation, someone would have surely died.

No one did, even with McCreary reffing the game.  The Pens outshot, outworked, outplayed the Flyers. Only the goalie matched the Penguins’ effort.

The Sharks are playing right now, I may come back to this, or maybe I will try to forget that the Pens won.


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