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SJ Sharks Practice, March 28, 2011

Utterly useless observer on the scene this morning. Surely someone more helpful (DP?) is here too.  But this is what I see:

11:00 am:
Everyone is here, except for Huskins.

11:15 or so:
Nitty looks bored. Not so active during down times as Nemo.  Perhaps he is engaged in some very subtle stretching exercises.

The Joes get the most smiley prize this am.

They are all on the ice before 11.  They engage in drills too involved for me to follow.  There is a pattern, I just cannot discern it.  Also, McLellan’s words are fairly well muted by the glass and echoes.  There is a great deal of movement up and down the ice.

Oh, lines, right. Same old of lately: 19, 12, 16/ 39,29, 15/8,20,17/ 21,10, 55.  I know those are probably listed in the wrong order but that’s roughly the order in which I spotted them.

On D, Braun w/ Demers, Wallin & White, Boyle and Pickles?  Even if you swap Murray for Braun, those don’t make a lot of sense.  For all I know, they are playing on different practice teams.  See opening disclaimer.

The team did a drill  that even I could understand. Everyone shoots, one at a time. The goalie stops it, everyone goes for a little skate. If they score, the goalie switches and does a little skate.

I mention that because Nemo caused lots more skating than Nitty did.  Nitty did end the drill by stopping a couple but he was less than inspired.

They end practice in small groups, the largest of which is shooting at Nitty.  Oops, now they’re shooting at Nemo.  That focus on Nitty did not last very long.

They are shooting at Nitty again, and Mitchell and Welly are playing a variation of catch.  I notice this because Welly keeps shooting the puck at the door in front of me.  The sound that makes is louder than a shot hitting a wall. Not sure why you  would practice high distance shots but that seems to be their objective.

Still on the ice: Nichol, Demers, Braun, Eager, Desi, goalies.

Loitering about: Mayers, Couture, Mitchell.

12 noon:
Couture & Demers gathering pucks, leaving. Eager off too.

12:03: all off. My fanny is frozen.  Oh. Not off? Come on, Woo Sharks, and Nemo. I think you can go now. Is this a game? Who leaves last?

No, they are scraping the ice around the net, Nemo and the Woo Sharks are up to something.

Dern my butt’s cold. Forgot my blanket. Oh thank god. They are not up to something, Woo Sharks are gathering pucks.  Nemo is chatting with… Must be the goalie coach there. Doing something just for Nemo.

Aha. Nemo is practicing catching the puck on the boards. On his right. I don’t see him whining about being tired or over worked.

Just sayin’, Fly Boys. To be fair, no Flyers are whining. That’s just speculation from confuddled observers.

Nemo practicing catching the puck along the boards, left side.

Finally Nemo rounds up the pucks, filling his glove to the  brim like a basket of blackberries. He pauses to chat with someone at the bench, (Come on! Cold tush here!) then goes to tend the waiting autograph collectors.

I will not forget my blanket again.

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