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Turn Down the Volume?

Crouching Bob, year of the Dragon

Flyers @ Penguins, March 29, 2011

For no reason I can figure out, sometimes Center Ice does not offer both home and away feeds of games.  Last night was one such, and I had to watch the Pittsburgh feed of the game.  After about 10 minutes and after hearing a completely unfounded accusation that Hartnell had punched Lovejoy in the back of the head, I turned the sound down.  The Flyers scored. I won’t read too much into that.

I hate watching games on mute.  I love the sound of skating.    But I could not stand the running commentary from Pittsburgh infatuated disembodied voices.  They were stirring up feelings of hatred I have never experienced, for any team. I have noticed that most commentary slants one way or another, but I had never heard the like.  So I put up with no sound.

After the second period, I hooked up my XM radio to get a non-Pittsburgh broadcast.  After struggling with cords and finding a place for the antenna out the adjoining room window, I found a feed.  And it was from Pittsburgh.  I did not listen long enough to see if they were any more dignified or even-handed than their tv counterparts.  I was too frustrated.

Distorted perspective

It isn’t just that the broadcasters were spewing silly slobbering flattery over every move a Penguin made.  It wasn’t even that they were saying unfair things about the Flyers, who of course never did anything wrong.  It was that they were not giving me information about Flyer injuries, lines, or anything else.  Randy and Drew would never ignore stuff like that, about either team, and they always show me and tell me lines for both teams.

By the end of the game they did concede that the Flyers had played well, though this was probably just to make the Pens look better.  Yet they never mentioned that Carter missed a shift for equipment issues.  They never once mentioned that Kimmo Timonen did not return to play in the third period at all.  They only mentioned him as the player responsible for turning the puck over to the Pens or in some other way letting them score.

So they pissed me off.

The Flyers did not piss me off.  They started a little wobbly in the first:

Uber Bob did show up, he was just running a few minutes late.  The rest of the team didn’t take too long to find their legs and run over the Pens.

Uber Bob

Timonen did have some trouble but in the spirit of celebration I will attribute that to his injury.  Even without injury, everyone makes mistakes.  I really hope he is back soon and well.  Others threw some blind passes and caused occasional confusion but that’s the way the game goes.

I even had thoughts of Tigger again: bouncy (which Bob personifies), resilient, optimistic, and also a tiger.  Yes, I saw shades of Tigger last night.

The Flyers seem to be coming online.  I don’t mean they are all getting Twitter accounts.  I mean the system looks like it is up and running, all the players on board, even if some are grammar challenged:

How can I get so excited about one win?  Of course the Flyers should beat the Penguins all the time not only when the Pens are short key players.  Not only when the Pens are short in general.  The Flyers should be beating everyone resoundingly.  But they haven’t been.  They’ve been in a muddle.  That they can jump out of that muddle for one game is an excellent sign.  So yes, it is something to be excited about.

Final score: 5-2 Flyers.

Tigger team


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