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The Best Player in the World

That was a really nice thing for Joe Thorton to say about Patrick Marleau, but the Sharks game against Dallas was proof positive that you do not want to rely on the best player in the world.  Paddy was great but he was not alone.

Sharks won, 6-0.  Dallas was there too, in body anyway.  All four Sharks lines picked up points.  All four.  And Wallin squished Ott.  I hope Ott wasn’t injured, though some lingering soreness would not be unwelcome.

I thought I saw something during the Thrashers broadcast of the Flyers game, saying that the Sharks have the most players with more than 60 pts: 5.  That is inaccurate, the Ducks have 5 too. But maybe no one has more than 5?

The Flyers have the most players with more than 20 goals: 6.

Despite the Flyers’ struggles of late, I think those numbers show a lot of depth in both teams.  The NHL has not chosen its poster boys from the Flyers or the Sharks.  Crosby, Ovechkin, Stamkos are promoted as the “best in the world” right now.

One could argue that the poster boys are not on such deep teams.  Their teams are doing fine but the points are less evenly distributed through the team.  That’s a problem when the best are not their best.

Just as you cannot ride a goalie from start to finish, you cannot win the Cup race relying on the Greatest Player in the World. You need as many pretty darn good ones as you can get.  I think that both the Sharks and the Flyers have several better than pretty darn good, but I’m biased. Bias or no, it should be pointed out that neither team’s top scoring group includes Leino or Couture yet.

It’s worth noting that this is the first time in franchise history that the Sharks had so many 60pt players.  (per tweet by SJ Sharks)  That might be extremely significant.  But I’m biased.

… the Sharks gave gone hog wild (24-4-4) over that same span to take their rightful place back atop the Pacific Division. Oh, and by the way, San Jose moved one point past Detroit for second in the West last night.

I’ll say it again — no one is talking up the Sharks this season, and that may be perfect for them.
-Cross Checks Blog

Who needs poster boys?

Finally, there’s also this highlight worth noting, Eager’s much celebrated goal against Dallas.

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