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Mirror Image?

Sharks @ Coyotes, April 8, 2011

Where the Flyers started pretty well and fizzled, the Sharks started less well and improved by the end.  Both were playing teams that needed the win to clinch a playoff spot.

The game was significant for three Sharks.

Nichol was finally back in the lineup.

It was Ian White’s 400th NHL game, and his first goal as a Shark.

Joe Thornton scored his 1000th NHL point.

Like the Flyers, the Sharks spent too much time killing penalties, and did not get a power play until the middle of the third period. On the bright side, they have been a lot better at that in the last two games.  Practice makes perfect, like those shots from the blue line they were practicing the other day- that may have helped Heatley out a bit with his goal.

The Sharks had a better excuse for being less than 100%.  Their lines, by necessity, were fuzzy.  Setoguchi was a last minute scratch, which gave me a funny sick feeling.  Clowe was still out, as was Mashinter. McLellan had no choice but to start seven defensemen.

Still, it is uncanny that both the Sharks and the Flyers lost the game following an abysmal loss.  Also odd, both lost 4-3.  Thankfully, for my superstitious tendencies, the Flyers at least made it to overtime. If both games had gone to overtime, I might start taking this stuff personally again.


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