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Second Season

Well, I said I like symmetry.  I got it.  The second season begins with two.

I felt oddly melancholy for the past day or so.  I think an article by Tim McManus about the end of the Adirondack Phantoms’ season may have set it off.  Also, David Pollak mentioned in his blog today that the practices during the post season are not open to the public. I sort of knew that but seeing it written still gave me a little twinge.

I don’t know why I would feel that way about the end of the regular season.  It’s the beginning of the playoffs.  This is supposed to be the best part of the hockey year. I guess I just don’t like change.  Which brings me back, sort of, to symmetry.

The Sharks and the Flyers both ended their regular season with home ice wins, securing the second seed in their respective conferences.  They are also first in their divisions, which makes two divisions topped.

There are a lot of numbers that are considered symmetrical.  Three seems more stable than two, what with the extra leg to lean on.  But two is the number of scales in a classic balance, like the one the personification of justice holds.

Two makes for a fragile balance.  There is nothing extra to fall back on.  It is also perfect for the same reason, a pair lacks a grey area.  It is the smallest grouping you can have.

The Sharks won by two goals.  The Flyers scored two in the first 47 seconds of the game.   My Twitter handle is petshark47 so you can imagine how special those goals were to me, even if DirecTV decided I did not have to see them and neglected to record the beginning of the game.  That would have sent me into furious fits if I didn’t have a friend visiting when I discovered it.  Also, how can I be angry about anything what with the 47 seconds?

So I am happy that both teams won.  I am happy they are both first and second (and third and fourth in the league).  1, 2, 3, 4… I may not be able to count but that looks pretty to me.

Both teams have seven 20+ goal scorers. The Sharks also have seven players with 50+ points for the season. The Flyers have five and a 49. That’s a lot of scoring.

The Sharks and the Flyers are in very different places in terms of how they are playing.  The Sharks need to even the keel a touch, they need some key players healthy and ready to go.  They have one extremely capable goalie and one that got a wake up call a couple of games ago.

The Flyers need a steep upswing in their performance, beyond getting their roster healthy.  One might think a 7 goal game would be that, but that was only one game. As for their goalies, they have three healthy ones (as far as I can tell) but none are performing at a fantastic level.  Well, Leighton was but that was the AHL.  He has not been given another go yet for the Flyers.

Those trifling differences aside, at this moment, I see my teams in perfect balance and I am at peace with that.  Even Leighton is aboard: all are present and accounted for.  On to the playoffs.

For a legitimate report on the Flyers last regular season game of 2010-11, see Dave Isaac’s account for Philadelphia Sports Daily.

For the same on the Sharks, see David Pollak’s report for the Mercury News.


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