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NHL Playoffs, 2011: Game Ones

I didn’t expect the start of the playoffs to be that big a deal.  I’ve been through all this before, I spent all season dutifully following my teams’ every move, nothing would surprise me.

I saw the descriptions of live playoff games, how they were different and how very much more exciting they are.  I remember last year worrying about having a heart attack just watching on tv.  I remember having to turn the tv off because my vision was going all blurry.  But that was last year.  It was all new to me then.  I was sure I would have no such severe response to the first playoff  games of 2011. 

Then the puck dropped and I was rendered utterly stupid.  Remembering to breathe became a herculean challenge.  Writing about it was well beyond me.

So I made this:

That worked out pretty well so I made this one, since the Flyers game had not worked out so well.

I sort of knew the first game would not but… no, I didn’t know because that would make me like psychic or something which I’m not so I just suspected it.  Anyway, here’s to a better game tomorrow.

I was not entirely incommunicado during the Sharks game.  Here’s what I wrote on Twitter:

Had a nagging feeling all day #Flyers would lose 2day. But hey #Sharks, way to hit the ice flying!

@PhilaSports I think #Flyers played pretty well, but even if you flip the switch, an engine needs time to warm up. :-s

A flying lawnmower:) RT @PhilaSports: @petshark47 Very true. Like a lawnmower.

@PhilaSports I don’t hate the black #Sharks jerseys but I am very disappointed they don’t plan to wear home teal for POs. 😦

EXACTLY! Black bad choice v LAK. RT @PhilaSports: I don’t *hate* them I just am not a fan. And throwing me off wearing them vs LA

Wow is Eager riled. Damn that was an ugly hit on White. And crap. #beatLA to a pulp, #Sharks.

@terriwpg @brodiebrazilCSN I fear hit to head + wooziness = concussed. Now tied? Bad to other kind of bad :s

Lol, way to respond to criticism, Coutch!

@DownGoesSpezza White last reported in quiet room, questionable to return

Yikes. Getting so nervous watching #Sharks & #Kings, momentarily forgot SJ is ahead. Fan panic syndrome.

Damn, I hate it when I start to feel psychic. #cassandracomplex relapse?

Are we gonna have a problem:? RT @PhilaSports: Justin Williams! 2-2!

This game is freaking me out. Need help from Paddy. Like soon.

In reg season, you get a point for making it to OT. In post season all you get is tired. #NHL

@TheGoalieGuild Nemo may need a little scream therapy. He simply cannot always be as cool as he looks.

I guess those new Sticky Pucks not so easy to use as mfg promised.

Awwww, Pavs you SEXY BEAST!!!!

Additional Sharks bling to come.  It helps purge the stupid from the brain.

Now back to doing taxes to earn Farmville dollars.  As stated, I have become stupid. I hope it will pass soon, right after I get those 38 Farmville dollars.


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