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Ian White Feels Outstanding

Defenseman Ian White looked downright chipper Sunday… He hopes to play in Game Three on Tuesday night at Staples Center.

“I feel outstanding today,” said White, “It’s the old adage that time heals everything. I had a couple of days off and I feel really good.” -Working the Corners

Wonderful news.  It makes me very happy to hear White feels better.  Also, I wish he would give it another week.  Where have I seen this before?

I know it isn’t the same as Lappy last year.  I mean aside from the penchant for blocking shots with his face, Lappy is a different player.  And honestly, he seemed more lucid at the time of the injury than White did.  So in some ways it seems worse, in others it seems less bad.  When Lappy was hurt, his injury was quickly pronounced as season ending, possibly career ending.  Also there was the smashed orbital area.  That probably had something to do with it.  But it wasn’t season ending, it was only delayed career ending.

No one said anything about season or career ending injury in White’s case.  But they didn’t say it couldn’t be either of those things.  I know, I know, head injuries are tricky, you just never know how they will work out.  But it doesn’t change my reaction: I’m glad he feels better, now could we wait anyway?  It’s his brain.

Somehow, I don’t think they will wait a day longer than some doctor tells them they have to.  That’s just the way they do things in the NHL.  Enough about that from me.

The Hawks are liable to end up on my most irksome list if they don’t shape up and at least avoid being swept by the Nucks.  I don’t expect them to win the series, just keep it going a little longer.  No need to send the Nucks into the next round fresh as daisies.  Give them a trim. It is the least the Hawks can do.  Or maybe not.  Maybe all those hexes and negative vibes I sent their way finally arrived.  Like happened to Byfuglien.  Maybe I’m such a lousy hexer that my ill wishes take a year to arrive.

No no no, no speaking of the Fates.  I’m not going down that path again.

More likely, the Hawks are just the hopelessly depleted team I suspected they were at the beginning of the season. Gutted and hollow, they only made their way into the post season because they kept winning against teams who expected them to be really lame since the off season purge.  In any case, they are making the worst showing in the playoffs so far, unless you consider the Bruins losing to the Habs to be a surprise.  I don’t.

I don’t feel outstanding about the playoffs so far, but I am not in despair either.  I have to wait until Tuesday for more Shark tales, but tomorrow the Flyers get on with it and game three against the Sabres.  Boosh will be back, probably, Pronger will not, though he will be around.  Nodl is out after having his face smushed.  Essentially, all is status quo with the Flyers.  Nothing is easy, anything is possible.

Go Flyers!


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