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NHL Playoffs, 2011: Game Twos

I guess I’d better start writing about the Flyers games before the Sharks games again, just in case.  Watching the Sharks fall to pieces at the hands of a much depleted Kings team was pretty depressing.  It took away all the giddy joy of having seen the Flyers finally beat the Sabres.

Finally?  It’s only been two games, they only lost one.  Just as the Flyers said they were not in a panic after that loss, neither should anyone else be.

They should not, for example, be hypercritical even of a victory. Leave that to Lavy, or Timonen.

There were some marvelous moments in yesterday’s game.  Carcillo scoring, for example, or Carcillo not being in a fight.  Hartnell and Gaustad being extremely polite, waiting for the refs to sort out who would be fighting and who would not be, before commencing their bout.  Boosh playing very well.  Giroux beating Miller and a bunch of other players with panache.   If he is not already, he will be known for panache.  Very panachy that young G.

That’s more like it.  It wasn’t a trouncing sort of win.  It wasn’t what the Kings did to the Sharks later.  In fact, it was a bit of a scramble.  The Flyers still don’t quite have a grip on what to do with a power play:

They were an astounding 1-for-10 on the man advantage including two 5-on-3 opportunities. They also allowed two power play goals from Buffalo. There were 18 total power plays in the game. -Philadelphia Sports Daily

That was pretty amazing.  But hey, give credit where credit is due: the Flyers won despite all that.

The Flyers have a few bug-a-boos to dispatch:

  • They say that if a team cannot score with a 5 on 3 advantage, they will not win.  They wasted two and won anyway.
  • They say that a 3 goal lead is an insurmountable obstacle.  Been there, done that.
  • They say the Flyers cannot succeed without Pronger.  They have, they can.
  • They say that the Flyers-Sabres series have always been determined by the first game.  That is patently absurd, seeing as there isn’t a player on the team who has ever played the Sabres in the playoffs before. Ok, not true. Carter did. And Richards. Shut up, numbers.  Numbers are stupid. Just in case, I won’t expect too much from those two in this series.

It was disappointing to see Bob pulled, almost as disappointing as to see him get scored on so many times in the first.  As I’ve been saying over the season, he is still green, and you just can’t expect him to be anything else yet.  The team really needs their good backup(s).  If I can figure out how to beat Bob, you know hockey teams can.  He just needs to see the video, quickly patch up his act.  He can do it, born in the Year of the Dragon and being a maniacal workaholic Virgo.

See? He’s already on it.  He’ll be back, better than ever.

I should, I will remain hopeful.  Although my blocked shots system has never been relevant to the first round, so far the teams I have picked are ahead or tied in their series, even the ones I picked despite what my system told me.  Like the Nucks.  I hope I do not regret wanting them to win.  So far so good, no need to panic yet, about either team.


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