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And Your Starting Goaltender Is…

Well if I wasn’t all in a tizzy about this game already (and I wasn’t), I am now.  I should be wide awake all day, bright and bushy-tailed, of course hoping Boosh doesn’t get hurt again.  I am not alone in this concern.

Omg omg omg omg omg omg… so exciting.

There’s this one fellow on Twitter who believes that scratching Bob, or pulling Bob, or even not starting Bob are all calamitous events for Bob.  Like he’s a hot house flower who will starve without the enthusiastic approval of his peers.

Harrumph.  Bob didn’t make it through his KHL stint or this far this season without having some serious backbone.  Which, by the way, he needs to practice not curling up so much.  Goes down way too soon.  Without any evidence whatsoever, I will assume he is doing just that.  Working on his craft.  I believe he will be back when the team most needs him.


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