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Worse? Better? Run of the Mill(er)?

Flyers @ Sabres, ECQF Game 4, April 20, 2011

Well that could have gone better.  It seemed like the refs were all over the Flyers, though the score sheet says the Flyers only took one more penalty than the Sabres did.  But when your power play is moderate to awful, and when one penalty is for being mugged by two guys, and the other is five minutes for letting someone run into your elbow… Hell yeah, the refs stole this game from the Flyers.

But you can’t whine about that and you can’t wait for your turn in the refs’ favor. You have to win the game anyway because things can always get worse.

Like, Carter could be injured and out day to day. Richards could get suspended for the elbow. Pronger could still not be back.

Which is where the Flyers are now. I will kick and scream and utter obscenities about it, but I won’t be surprised if Richards is suspended.

If Carter were ok, he would have been back tonight.

Pronger only today started shooting lightly.

Wow.  The 2011 Flyers suddenly have a lot in common with the 2010 Flyers.  Multiple critical pieces broken, games not going their way, Boosh and Leights in goal.

Hm.  This could actually be good news for Flyers fans. There may not be another Leino in the spare parts closet but there are a few guys out there who could elevate their game some.

Look at Carcillo.  In all this flurry of close games and goalie gawking, he needs to be noticed. He has been doing some very surprising things, other than not fighting.  Like scoring and getting chances, even making chances.

If everyone would knock back a dose of what he’s taking, game 5 might be very very interesting.


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