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Four of…?


Sharks @ Kings, WCQF Game 4, April 21, 2011

Despite being tied at zero when the first period ended, it looked to me like the Sharks were ahead.  The Kings’ attacks didn’t seem to send the Sharks scrambling the way the Shark attacks did the Kings.

The second period was a little more exciting. It started out very well with the Sharks scoring a bunch.  But then the turnovers came, in particular from Seto & Wallin & Mayers.  The Kings made good use of those and it was a one goal game.

Jumbo doesn’t seem to be an excellent screen but he is great at puck retrieval. That might be why he’s not a great screen. He’s focussed on too many things, the whole play, not just the goalie.

Why is a 3 goal lead so dangerous if it’s so unusual to come back from a 3 goal deficit? That’s a good question, I think, so I asked the Sharks Late Night Confidential guys. They did not answer.

The Sharks clawed their way through the end of the 2nd.

The third picked up where the first part of the second left off: a goal for each Joe.

Seto get a penalty for goaltender interference, which reminded me a little of the Carcillo- Miller matching penalties yesterday. Quick didn’t punch Seto in the face but he did give him a shove while some other King was shoving him from behind.

The Sharks got pretty lucky on the pk, the Kings missed some good opportunities.

Nemo was pretty strong, not spectacular and a little lucky, but the fight is back. He just needs a good game to find his confidence again. 

He got it, I think.  Final score, 6-3 Sharks. That makes 3-1 for the series. That means game five will be nerve-wracking.


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