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Kings @ Sharks, WCQF Game 5, April 23, 2011

A surprise addition to the roster from the AHL team. 

Down by three early in the first, they pull the starting goalie and send in the backup.

They don’t score until the second.  Number 12 scored that goal.

The other team has a notoriously awesome goalie.

They lost.

Except that the first goal was scored by 12 instead of 21, the game looked like a nightmarish flashback to yesterday.


No one thought McGinn was going to backfire on the Sharks, or maim anyone.  It wasn’t his first NHL game.

The Sharks didn’t tie the game.

The Sharks don’t face elimination in the next game like the Flyers do.

The Sharks got 52 SOG to the Kings’ 22.  The Flyers had only 39 to the Sabres 32.

They were different games, they are different teams. Together, they’ve convinced me I might be wrong. The odds that they will both make it out of this round got a lot worse this weekend. Now I just hope one of them makes it.


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