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I thought Nitty should start, but Nemo did fine.

I was very certain the Sharks and Kings would go to seven.  I didn’t know before the game, I didn’t have any inkling about it.  But by the time the 3rd period was under way, I was fairly certain I would see seven.

Turned out that there were seven goals in the game.  The Sharks got four of those.  I’m going to have to learn to read my signs better.  Maybe I was remembering that number seven that was behind the goal in the Flyers Game 6.  Maybe that’s what had me confused.

Matthew Taylor of Fear The Fin previewed the game with some stats on Nemo.  They were intended to boost fan confidence.

Like, his GAA is not at its best on Mondays.  His stats against the Pacific Division during the regular season were okay.  His win numbers when the Sharks outscored the other team were spectacular. (haha)  Last year, he played in 3 playoff game sixes and won them all, though his numbers, again, were not breathtaking.  All that made me check his horoscope.  It couldn’t be less relevant than those.

J Quick

You can't always blame the goalie, but I can thank him.

Nemo’s horoscope said he would feel awesome yesterday.  I thought it would be better if he was actually awesome, but feeling awesome is half the battle.  He was fine.

I thought Logan Couture was due a lucky bounce.  He didn’t really get any, not personally.  But Joe Thornton did, from Seto’s stick to Paddy’s skate back again in range of Jumbo’s stick and into the net.  There really aren’t many ways to beat Quick, but ping-ponging the puck back and forth like that would probably beat any goalie.

All this me being wrong stuff would normally upset me, but so far it’s working out.

Watching the Sharks-Kings playoff games and being on Twitter at the same time was a little strange for me.  I was comforted to know that Steve Whyno was watching the game.  Last time I knew he was doing that, the Sharks won.  I’m not 100% sure he wanted the Kings to win, but in any case, his attention to the game boded well.

Since I follow so many Flyers fans and sources, I got a lot of tweets in support of the Kings.  I don’t understand this Flyers-Kings thing.  I do, I understand that Hextall and the Flyers previous coach are now both with the Kings, but I don’t see how the Kings resemble the Flyers as a team.

@DownGoesSpezza is a fan of Jason Demers. So am I.

For all my attempts to contrast the Sharks and the Flyers, the fact that they switch roles so often tells me they really have several things in common as teams. Probably I could find such commonality between any two teams (except the Red Wings, I am convinced there is something unique about them, and also the Pens but in a bad way), but these are my teams and I am blind to others.

Maybe I just have a soft spot for habitual underachievers?

After the game, Twitter erupted in a little “celly” which is apparently a Canadian term for celebration.  I didn’t learn the word in that context.  No, it was used as a description for Thornton’s choice of sliding across the ice on his back upon scoring the overtime game winner.

Pretty sure I haven't seen Thornton do this on purpose before.

I can’t actually tell if Setoguchi approved or disapproved of that:


He has a way with words, a way that frequently eludes me.  Anyway, the win made me very happy and it is a big relief to know one of my teams has its Conference Semi-Final ticket punched.

There's a team Captain under there somewhere

My first reaction after the game was this: Well that was awesome. Sleep would be good now. To sleep, perchance to dream… or have nightmares about Flyers tomorrow. Maybe I’ll skip the sleeping and watch this game over again? Twice? That would be nice.

Loved the Leino flashback clip before OT.

This can’t be good for me. Can I get my emotional investment back? Or is it locked up like a 401k?

I did not have nightmares about the Flyers game.  Instead there was this very big house, the kind of house you turn into a school or a hotel.  Big big.  There were a lot of Sharks there.   There was a big yard and I think I remember Easter eggs, normal-sized ones.

Right now I am pushing this afternoon’s game out of my head to write this but I suspect I will be in a hell of a state by 4 pm today.  The Sharks didn’t make me go through a game seven.  I am grateful.  But I still have to cope with the Flyers, and that’s going to involve a lot of cleaning supplies.

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