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Sibling Rivalry?

I don’t think there are any sibling connections between the Sharks and the Red Wings.  But Brodie Brazil tweeted that the sign shown at left could be found by both teams’ locker rooms.  I guess he meant in Detroit, since that is where they were, but I’m not 100% sure.

In any case, it is well known that the teams share much in the area of philosophy and style.  McLellan’s time in Detroit gave him a lot of material to work with.  If you are going to emulate an organization, the Red Wings are a good one to pick.  Look at the Tampa Bay Lightning, they practically sprang full grown from the head of their new GM, Steve Yzerman, in his first year away from the the Wings.

But no brothers, not in San Jose or Tampa Bay, I don’t think.  Could be wrong.

Still, this closeness and familiarity seem to make everything more civil, though contentious despite not being in the same division.  Like brothers at the same school but not the same year.  Last year I saw more antipathy from the Wings, even from Babcock.  Maybe I was too easily swayed by fan opinions.  This year, he has been very upbeat, no complaints about calls, gracious about the opposition.  I have not seen his press conference after the last game.  I suspect it is far from upbeat.  I saw one player interviewed and he was fairly despondent.  I don’t blame them.  I could mention that of course the Sharks have been very nice too but I am hopelessly biased.

What I do know from my limited experience of siblings is that the elder tends to pay a little less attention to what the younger is doing than vice versa.  This gives the younger an advantage that makes up for the disadvantage of being the younger.  That’s just how I see it, but right now that sort of fits.  McLellan seems to be better at predicting what Babcock will do than the other way around.

I almost hope the Wings win the next one.  Not really, I don’t want to regret wishing.  But I don’t like seeing them so miserable.  Then again, if they do win then I can watch the last game of the series live, without distractions from the other side of the continent.  But I won’t wish for that.  I can always watch the recording.


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