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Swept Away

I was so nervous at the beginning of Game Four between the Flyers and the Bruins that I thought I might jump out of my skin. I considered having a drink but, if you’re sad, drinking tends to make you maudlin as well.  So I toughed it out. 

I had some vague optimistic thoughts during the first two periods, when the score was close.  I thought it was good that the Flyers seemed to be playing very carefully since everything else they had tried hadn’t worked.  The game made the Sharks game look like it was being played in fast forward. Sure, the Flyers didn’t get many SOG but with a goalie like Thomas you are as likely to score with very few as with very very many.

Also, Bob was pretty good.  I perceived steady improvement over these last games.  I’m not an expert but I thought he looked better.  He still needs to keep his back straighter so he takes up more space but he can figure that out.  Nemo did.  Bob will go far, and I’m not imagining it, not alone anyway:

Allowing just one goal in the first 40 minutes — an unstoppable cross-crease pass from Nathan Horton to Milan Lucic on the back door for a power play goal — Bobrovsky was composed, held rebounds close and made things easy for the defense, especially on the penalty kill. -Ryan Bright, for Philly Sports Daily

It didn’t matter, they lost.  The 5-1 final score included two empty netters which were emblematic of what the team was NOT doing in this series: controlling the puck.  I don’t know why they couldn’t, I don’t know what undercurrents were pulling them down.

But I am not wandering the night hills in a flowing white gown wailing in the darkness.  Orange would be more apropos but you can’t see orange in the darkness and what’s the point of doing bizarre creepy things if no one sees you?  No, I’m not doing that and actually I never have.

As soon as it was over, I checked to see if the coaching staff went down the line to shake hands with the players.  I am fairly certain no coaching staff will fail to do that from now on, prior tradition or no.  I could not get an answer from Twitter right away, which made me impatient and a little grumpy.  Dave Isaac came thru with the photo evidence shown.

I could say I bounced back so quickly because my dog didn’t die.  Or I could say it’s because the Sharks are still in it, even though they lost today.  I could say it’s because the Czechs won and have won all of their games in the IIHF World Championships so far.  I don’t think any of that is it, though certainly a lack of deaths is important to feeling okay with life.  I think I’m just not as crazy as I thought I was.

I will miss the Flyers.  I will miss seeing them play and trying to decipher Lavi’s decision making process.  I will also never see them again quite the way they were this year.  The roster will change, that is inevitable.  That probably makes me the most sad.

So that is that.  Being swept is humiliating, but maybe it is better to have it happen away than at home.

It isn’t lost on me that both my teams have now been swept as I watched.  All this has happened before… true, but nothing really happens exactly the same way again.  See today’s Sharks @ Red Wings Game 4: 4-3, not 7-1.

Carcillo tweeted a message of misery that was bound to draw criticism like piranhas to blood in the water, and then deleted it.  I don’t know how long it was up there but it made me think awww, poor tweety.  I’m sure others were not so moved.  Anyway, I hope it doesn’t drive him to end his Twitter life prematurely.

I wonder if the Flyers will trade for Nabby?  He might be just the kind of risk Holmgren is willing to take, and with this new injury he will certainly be affordable.

So now it all falls to the Sharks.  The end of their season is the next hurdle.  I can’t guarantee I will be so sensible about that.  Really there is only one result that will actually make me happy.  Still, it is odd to have such confidence in them after all the drama this year.  Maybe that’s why I took their name all those years ago;)


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