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Ratto Tainted

Much to my chagrin, my Twitter feed was tainted last night.  A most revolting tweet showed up as a retweet, and it was not from Biz Nasty:

Even if the Sharks lose on Thursday, they will have nothing to be ashamed of and neither will their fans.  The Sharks pushed this to a seven game series against a fresh and determined Red Wings team.  Since that means little to Ratto, I will clarify: there are no better teams than the Red Wings in the NHL, maybe some as good, but not better.  There have not been for many years, aside from earlier versions of the Red Wings.  Add to that, they are among the most rested teams in the playoffs and losing to them cannot be called an embarrassment.  Claiming it would be part of a losing, untrustworthy legacy is asinine.

The Sharks took a dump in Game 6.  Guess what? The Red Wings took a dump in Game 1.  I am sure Red Wings fans are horrified, humiliated, will never trust their team again….What a load of horse shit.

I complained accordingly:


Since I had never tweeted at him, I thought softening the first statement with a :p would be appropriate.  His answer:

Ray Ratto is one of the writers I learned to avoid last year.  He did not provide me with any insight into the game of hockey, nor did he offer any sort of even handed assessment of the Sharks’ performance.  When they won, he always said “yeah, but, that just shows they should have won more/sooner.”  When they lost, he said “see?  Told ya: looooosers!”  Just because you lack a rooting interest doesn’t mean you don’t have a bashing interest.  The latter is less dignified by far.

What’s more, if you always express the same negative opinion, your opinion loses weight.  A valuable opinion cannot exist in a void, unresponsive to events.  It has as much meaning as monkeys throwing feces.  Monkeys do mean something by throwing feces. They mean to say: “go away.”  So I did.

I had a chat with my father about this last year, about the distinctly negative coverage of the Sharks in the Bay Area.  My father’s answer was simple: “sports fans like to fight about their teams, so unreasonable statements make better news.”  I can appreciate that, sort of like disaster coverage gets more attention than happy human interest stories.

That doesn’t make it right or helpful.  Feeding fear and misery helps no one.  So I understand that Ratto’s job is basically to piss people off, as he has successfully done to me.  I still resent the decision someone made to retweet that stinker into my Twitter feed.  It gave me indigestion.

I did ask Ratto to link me an article he wrote that wasn’t just Shark bashing.  He didn’t.  I could do my homework and read everything he has ever written about the Sharks but I do not have the stomach for that, nor am I paid to read or write anything.  Apparently Ratto does not feel inclined to take me up on my offer to disprove my assessment of him as a naysayer.  Perhaps he merely denies being their leader.  Fine.  I’ll go back to ignoring him.



  1. Tanked says:

    I just read his Twitter feed. What a dick. I’ve always disliked him, and I love how the local media can’t stand him. I could tell they incumbent CSN group was not happy when he showed up.

    I’ll mute the TV until he’s done mooing. I’d rather watch Vs than listen to him.

    God he looked like he’s a hot dog away from a heart attack that forehead sweating bag of grease.

    • petshark says:

      Well, I hear he is a nice enough fellow but, along with most Bay Area sports writers, he leans to the negative. I think it’s San Francisco chic bleeding out to the rest of the region. Like it’s not cool to smile or something. Maybe that’s the way sports opinion writers always are. Anyway, the result is that I only read the better bloggers for a variety of opinions and David Pollak’s stuff for facts.

      • Tanked says:

        maybe he is a nice guy. But he comes of as a guy that doesn’t like his job, and his twitter feed appeared to be filled with negativity. toward his follows, the media, and the team. Like you stated, show me a positive article about the Sharks- better yet- show me a positive mention about something you have done in your career.

        I stick with DP, and a half a handful of other blogs like yours and stay away from traditional media. But it’s still in our face on TV..

  2. petshark says:

    I don’t disagree with that. Tim Panaccio (Flyers beat writer) recently tweeted that someone once told him that people who hate what you write will read it just to rip on you. As evidence, he mentioned that the day he was taking a lot of heat for something, he gained 250 new followers on Twitter. Lol.

    I can see how that happens, but yikes, if that were my job I think I would hate it!

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