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13 Seconds

13 seconds.  The game went well into a second OT period but really it was lost when the Canucks tied the game with 13.2 seconds left in the 3rd period.  One bad call from the refs gave the Canucks a face off in the Sharks’ zone.  Several players were upset by this.  They should not have been.  They should have been able to shake it off, at least for 13 seconds.  They didn’t and it cost them.

That said, I can certainly forgive 13 seconds of inattention.  The game was officially lost 30 or so minutes later after a valiant effort and one stinker of a screwy bounce.  

The Sharks were not going much farther than this game, not with Thornton’s separated shoulder.  I don’t know how many games you can play with a separated shoulder but I imagine it gets worse as you go.  The team might have been able to beat Tampa Bay or the Bruins without Thornton, but they were not going to win another 2 games without him against the Canucks.

To get through the heart-taxing experience, I had to sedate myself with beer.  I am glad I chose beer because drinking anything stronger than that and I would be very ill now.  I then had to go do chores around the ranch.  I managed to lock myself out of the house three times in the process.  Beer bad.

Due to the above-described intoxication, I cannot think of anything else to say about tonight’s loss.

I could say I don’t know how I will make it to October, but I do know.  Summer is here, I feel the urge to train a horse, and soon enough the offseason will kick into high gear, bringing excitement and heartbreak to hockey fans everywhere.  I will watch the Finals but without so much anxiety.  I will not fall in love with Tampa Bay.  Two teams are quite enough.

There are those NHL awards things coming up too but I don’t care so much about them.  No offense to Couture.  I hope he wins.  But really, those awards are peripheral noise.

What really matters now is getting back on the horse as soon as possible.


  1. Scum says:

    I apologize for not keeping in better touch Petshark. I was barely finding time to keep up over at WTC.

    But I did want to read some of your end-of-season comments.

    I agree with much of your musings, as usual. FWIW, my overarching thought/memory taken away from the playoffs? The Sharks are WEAK in the 3rd period. It cost them dearly, eh?

    Put a chaw in your cheek and go enjoy the ranching.

  2. petshark says:

    No problem! Thanks for checking in.
    I don’t know if it was the 3rd period or that they were too banged up to play their best or that the D wasn’t deep enough or that they couldn’t seem to get the lower lines sorted out. Better luck next year.
    I don’t chew but there is certainly plenty of ranch work on the to do list to keep me busy until the off-season gets rolling:)

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