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Behind Your Back

I went away to a horse show last Thursday and and far as I can tell all hell broke lose on my hockey teams.  I know, I went away for NHL Draft Weekend and stuff was likely to happen but still it felt sneaky.

Apparently Michael Richards (a name used for their now ex-Captain by the Flyers during the weekend’s announcements, and also by Ritchie himself on his Twitter account: so long “Mike” Richards) was the only player in the know about the groundswell of changes to come.  He said his agent told him there was a good chance he would be moved to LA.  Jeff Carter was caught by surprise and something tells me Devin Setoguchi had no idea he was on the verge of being traded.  Brent Burns was apparently on notice because he wanted to move so it was no biggee for him. (more…)


Yesterday the Flyers traded not 1 but 2 of the most recognizable faces on the team.  At the same time they signed Ilya Bryzgalov to a contract so complicated salary-wise that I can’t make any sense of it. That’s not surprising since I can’t count anyway.

Maybe sending Carter and Richards away (because that’s how I see it) was part of a ruse to distract the fans from this ridiculous contract. Sending their captain and 1 of their top scorers to Los Angeles and Columbus respectively had a good chance of doing that. It certainly distracted me.

Ladyneat said two days ago that Paul Holmgren was a liar. By all accounts he was very upset.

@geoffdetweiler: “Homer on Snider: “If I said I want to stick to my guns, I’m sure he would have said stick to your guns.” Interesting, interesting quote.”

It is interesting. To me it says Holmgren simply doesn’t have the power he thought he did. Stick to his guns or not, Holmgren could not win.

I asked someone on Twitter if she thought that Holmgren or Snider were going gaga.  I was kidding. Now I wonder.

I like the Flyers. Richards and Carter were part of what I liked.

@SWhynoPhilly: “Pronger: “They were for all intents and purposes faces of the franchise.” ”

Even if they weren’t my favorite players on the team, their absence leaves me sour and disoriented. I want to run home to the Sharks.

I can’t process the fact that Richards will be an LA King. It is inconceivable. I don’t think I know what that word means.

What does a girl sound like if no one can hear her?

I feel too old to call myself a girl.  Sometime in my 20s I made a deliberate decision to stop doing that, mental adjustment complete.  But “girl” is better in a title: as a concept, it is less imposing than “woman.”

Several times on the message board, and twice now on Twitter, I’ve been mistaken for a guy.  I don’t know how often it has occurred really. I’m fairly certain the mistake is mostly made by men.  Women tend not to assume that other hockey fans are male, or female.  Maybe I’m being biased, or maybe women are more careful about revealing assumptions. (more…)

Till Tuesday

Last summer I was baffled by Doug Wilson’s failure to sign the savior-like defenseman the team needed.  The way I saw it, if he let Nabby go to clear cap space, he should have snapped up some fancy, preferably Czech, blueliner.  You know, to make up for making some fans so very sad.  I had Zbynek Michalek in mind, but there were others out there, like Hamhuis.

Michalek spent a good portion of this season injured and not playing for the Penguins.  That could not have been anticipated.  Hamhuis, likewise, sustained multiple concussions, though I don’t think anyone would argue he didn’t still help his team a lot.  Also, he really really wanted to go to Vancouver. (more…)

Monday Morning Blues

Last night I wished for an interesting day on the NHL newsfront.  I should be careful what I wish for.

Doug Wilson announced that Scott Nichol and Jamal Mayers would not be back next season.  I am sorry for that.  I had spent some time playing with the CapGeek calculator and determined that they might be redundant, especially if players like McGinn and Desjardins were brought up.  Ginner and Desi certainly earned it.  Still, I was sad.

Scott Nichol’s place in the hearts of Sharks fans is unquestioned.  He is known to be an honest and optimistic player, he always gives 100%, he is smart, he is selfless.  His manner with the media is sincere and patient with all questions.   Basically, everybody loves him.  He will be missed. (more…)

Ring a Bell?

Last night this tweet went out with some of my favorite names in it:

Pierre, you’re such a tease.


I don’t think I was ever in Kladno, CR.  I might have been on a bus that stopped there for a couple of minutes at some point.  Jaromir Jagr, apparently, is there now.  He’s trying to save his old team that has fallen on hard times.  Along with economic problems in the city, the team’s prior management left something to be desired:

… kids’ hockey at Kladno used to form a strong base for a successful top-league team.

“There have been mistakes made,” said Jagr who also met with groups of concerned parents and listened to their concerns. “Those parents raised some very valid points,” he added, “and since they are those without whom there would be no new hockey generations at Kladno, we have to take their concerns seriously.” -The Cult of Hockey @ The Edmonton Journal

That sounds ominous.  I wish him the best with that project.  The article explains at length how his concerns as the new owner (70% of it anyway) dwarf plans to sign a contract with a team in either the NHL or the KHL.  I get that.