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Goalie Go Round, Summer 2011

While the Stanley Cup Finals carry on, those of us distracted by bitterness are warming up for the full blown off-season.  Of course at the top of the To Do list for the Flyers is the placation of the fan beast base with  goalie talk.  Here are a few of the more obvious possibilities:

Everybody wants one, and there is only one available.  That alone boosts his value like the only platinum-plated dog-walking litterbox-cleaning iPhone on the planet.  Unlike any iPhone on the planet, he really is that good and will probably make some team very happy.

Even if he signs for less than before, he will be pricey.  He hasn’t played pro hockey in Russia for a very long time.  He may not know how bad things can be even with a lot of money.  Also, I hate i-Phones.  They are for the terminally hip and that’s boring.

Simply put, the Flyers cannot afford him, like don’t sell-your-house-to-pay-for-the-pool can’t afford him.

Everybody who can’t get a Bryz will want a Vokoun. I like Czechs better than most anything so I would choose Vokoun over Bryzgalov.  He has labored for years now with a team that doesn’t cut it.  He probably suspects it would be nice to play for a good team and go to the playoffs again, but he’s not sure.  It’s been so long he can’t really remember what that’s like or if it even exists.  He will have an excellent attitude.

Due to his age, he will want as long a contract as he can get.  He will probably take less than before but someone will probably be willing to pay him well.  I bet Vokoun will try for more than two years and I believe that would be fair, but not a fit for the Flyers.

One of my favorites. Has spent last year not being number one, in a spot where number two is not as close to number one as it is in normal math.  The Brodeur scale is tilted that way.  Luckily for him, the team had a generalized meltdown this year and also Brodeur spent a while being injured too, so Hedberg had a chance to show that he can keep it together when everyone else is freaking out.  Ominously for him, his much younger predecessor went directly to the KHL.  I wish him luck.

I don’t know what he will be offered, he has never been the go to guy for playoffs.  Seems to me like the Flyers already have a couple of guys who can handle this sort of work load.

Likes to play the puck.  He does so as if no one ever told him goalies have a lot of trouble learning to do this.  He’s been known to steal games.  He’s used to winning.  Despite being a foreigner, his pro career is all NHL, if you ignore a couple months of experimental KHL play last year.

One year @ $570,000.

He’s kind of like the original prototype smart phone, built before they realized they should pre-program them with short lifespans and only dole out the goodies a few at a time to make people buy a new one every few months.  You have to be careful which buttons you push and you don’t know how long he will last but he’s fully programmed and can do stuff next year’s model (Bob 2.0) won’t be able to do for a long time.

One year @ $570,000.

He made a bloody mess of his first attempt at finding a new NHL post, something about wanting a long contract.  Nabby knows full well how unfun it can be to play elsewhere.  That works to a GM’s advantage.

One year @ $570,000.

The one thing standing between the Flyers and Nabokov is Garth Snow.  On the other hand, no one will deal for Nabby unless he wants them to.

One year @ $570,000.

Disclosures: turning 36 this summer.  Has injury of unspecified severity sustained in 2011 IIHF Championships.  Apparently if he doesn’t want to play for your team, he won’t (but he will tell you so in advance in perfectly good English).  Rumor has it, he sometimes yells.  He’s not very tall…

What the hell am I saying?  There is only one thing remotely relevant to Nabokov’s value to the Flyers right now:





‘Nuff said.


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