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If a Butterfly Flaps Its Wings…

I was all set to try and make some sense of the Sharks off-season Defense situation when I got this from Twitter:

It is a bit long but well worth it.  What could make me happier than an article with lots about Hasek and Thomas, and the benefits of being unconventional?

A strict butterfly goalie is a kind of a coward. He is minimizing risk but also limiting reward. He is settling for a consistent very-good in which he can rationalize his few goals: “There was nothing I could do, the shot was perfect”; “My defense gave him too much time.” He is fatalistic. He is trying to make himself less culpable. He in no way resembles Tretiak’s ideal goaltender: “He is his own only hope. And he is his own judge.” -Against the Butterfly

That steered me away from track D but now I will try to switch back over from track G.


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