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I don’t think I was ever in Kladno, CR.  I might have been on a bus that stopped there for a couple of minutes at some point.  Jaromir Jagr, apparently, is there now.  He’s trying to save his old team that has fallen on hard times.  Along with economic problems in the city, the team’s prior management left something to be desired:

… kids’ hockey at Kladno used to form a strong base for a successful top-league team.

“There have been mistakes made,” said Jagr who also met with groups of concerned parents and listened to their concerns. “Those parents raised some very valid points,” he added, “and since they are those without whom there would be no new hockey generations at Kladno, we have to take their concerns seriously.” -The Cult of Hockey @ The Edmonton Journal

That sounds ominous.  I wish him the best with that project.  The article explains at length how his concerns as the new owner (70% of it anyway) dwarf plans to sign a contract with a team in either the NHL or the KHL.  I get that.

It also mentions how he has won almost everything a hockey player can win.  Maybe his KHL team never won a championship.  But he has a couple of Stanley Cups and an Olympic Gold Medal and a World Championship.  Also he got a whole bunch of those awards the NHL will be handing out soon in Vegas.  That begs the question: what else does he really need to do in hockey?  Well, he never won the Vezina.

More realistically, he could run a team, or rescue a team.  Both?  Why not?  If he’s invested wisely he should be able to do it.  And if he stopped playing maybe he could be considered for the NHL Hall of Fame or something.

Don’t get me wrong.  If some team signs him to any kind of a deal in the NHL, that’s my next mad hockey adventure right there.  I will go see, to Winnipeg in the depths of winter if need be.  I will find a way.  I don’t expect it though, and I’m not sad about not expecting it.  I could always go see what his Kladno team is up to.  That would be fun, and it is the kind of project I think is really cool: I love seeing things reclaimed, resuscitated, repaired.  Good stuff.

That’s what I thought he might be up to by now anyway.  I said something to that effect last summer.  Forgive me, but after being so utterly and relentlessly wrong about so many things this season, I have to cling to any little scrap of being right, whenever I can.

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