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Monday Morning Blues

Last night I wished for an interesting day on the NHL newsfront.  I should be careful what I wish for.

Doug Wilson announced that Scott Nichol and Jamal Mayers would not be back next season.  I am sorry for that.  I had spent some time playing with the CapGeek calculator and determined that they might be redundant, especially if players like McGinn and Desjardins were brought up.  Ginner and Desi certainly earned it.  Still, I was sad.

Scott Nichol’s place in the hearts of Sharks fans is unquestioned.  He is known to be an honest and optimistic player, he always gives 100%, he is smart, he is selfless.  His manner with the media is sincere and patient with all questions.   Basically, everybody loves him.  He will be missed.

I didn’t know what to make of it when Wilson signed Jamal Mayers last year.  He didn’t seem to fit any role the team was in dire need of filling.  But he quickly became something of a fan favorite.  He certainly got the Tank’s attention. I’m not sure how it works that the Sharks needed him last year but not this year.    I think he will be missed too.

On the heels of that news came word that Trent Yawney, favorite fan target on the coaching staff, would be moving on.  I don’t mourn this, though I will withhold judgment until his replacement is announced.

Wilson also mentioned that he is in negotiations with Setoguchi’s agent.  It sounds like the Sharks are determined to hang on to Seto, thank goodness.

As for defense, nothing was said about Kent Huskins, but Ian White is more than likely to try the open market.  In the course of explaining the team’s situation re: White, Wilson mentioned Boyle, Demers and Braun as three right-side defensemen, leaving only Murray and Vlasic on the left side.

So there’s the hole on the blue line.  Wilson should be in the market for a defenseman to play on the left, and he has a lot of money to spend if he doesn’t significantly upgrade anywhere else.  The new $64 million cap ceiling comes at a perfect time for the Sharks.  Well, if they were trying to talk Seto’s agent down, it might not be perfect but it is pretty timely.

It could be argued that McGinn and Desi would go some ways to upgrade the fourth line.  The other RFA I hope to see signed is John McCarthy.  I don’t know where he fits on my roster but I want him to stay.  I wish one of these three played right wing.

Twitter continues to spout little sounds about Jagr.  One oddity was mention that he could get more money in the KHL than the NHL.  I don’t believe that is true.  It’s my understanding that the only KHL team to make him an offer is Omsk, and they do not have a lot of cash to spend.  In any case, it doesn’t seem like salary is really the issue for Jagr.  Though he has acquired a money pit of a team in Kladno, I’ll assume he isn’t planning to pay for it with one season of play anywhere.

I don’t expect Jagr to sign anywhere in particular if at all, but it makes for interesting reading.

Also interesting and rather exciting for Sharks fans, David Pollak started tweeting (@PollakOnSharks).  That is absolutely good news.

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