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Yesterday the Flyers traded not 1 but 2 of the most recognizable faces on the team.  At the same time they signed Ilya Bryzgalov to a contract so complicated salary-wise that I can’t make any sense of it. That’s not surprising since I can’t count anyway.

Maybe sending Carter and Richards away (because that’s how I see it) was part of a ruse to distract the fans from this ridiculous contract. Sending their captain and 1 of their top scorers to Los Angeles and Columbus respectively had a good chance of doing that. It certainly distracted me.

Ladyneat said two days ago that Paul Holmgren was a liar. By all accounts he was very upset.

@geoffdetweiler: “Homer on Snider: “If I said I want to stick to my guns, I’m sure he would have said stick to your guns.” Interesting, interesting quote.”

It is interesting. To me it says Holmgren simply doesn’t have the power he thought he did. Stick to his guns or not, Holmgren could not win.

I asked someone on Twitter if she thought that Holmgren or Snider were going gaga.  I was kidding. Now I wonder.

I like the Flyers. Richards and Carter were part of what I liked.

@SWhynoPhilly: “Pronger: “They were for all intents and purposes faces of the franchise.” ”

Even if they weren’t my favorite players on the team, their absence leaves me sour and disoriented. I want to run home to the Sharks.

I can’t process the fact that Richards will be an LA King. It is inconceivable. I don’t think I know what that word means.


  1. Tanked says:

    It sucks that Philly got worse, and it directly made it more difficult on the Sharks. The hockey gods are against you this week. That’s why I have 3 teams but only one in each sport.

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