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Homeward Bound, Niclas Wallin

According to this google-translated article, Niclas Wallin will play in Sweden next season.   I wish him the best.  I wonder what it is like being so long away from your home country and returning to it.  Sounds exciting, and unsettling, and good. Best of luck to the Wallins for a smooth transition.

This simplifies some of the off-season decisions regarding the Sharks defensive core.  I’m a fan of Justin Braun but I’m not sure he is ready to carry a significant load.  Defense is a tough job to get a handle on.  Still, now he may get more playing time sooner than later. (more…)

If a Butterfly Flaps Its Wings…

I was all set to try and make some sense of the Sharks off-season Defense situation when I got this from Twitter:

It is a bit long but well worth it.  What could make me happier than an article with lots about Hasek and Thomas, and the benefits of being unconventional?

A strict butterfly goalie is a kind of a coward. He is minimizing risk but also limiting reward. He is settling for a consistent very-good in which he can rationalize his few goals: “There was nothing I could do, the shot was perfect”; “My defense gave him too much time.” He is fatalistic. He is trying to make himself less culpable. He in no way resembles Tretiak’s ideal goaltender: “He is his own only hope. And he is his own judge.” -Against the Butterfly

That steered me away from track D but now I will try to switch back over from track G.

What About Bob, Again

In the wake of the chatter about the Flyers trying to sign Bryzgalov, Bobrovsky is not forgotten.  He has been mentioned by Holmgren as part of a dream goalie tandem for the team.  That’s nice.  If Holmgren signs Bryzgalov, I hope he trades Bobrovsky.

Ryan Bright argues that keeping Bobrovsky would be consistent with the trend of having two stellar goalies instead of one.   The argument is, in principle, perfectly sound.  But I don’t think it applies to Bobrovsky and Bryzgalov.

Bob is the most promising goalie signed by the Flyers right now.  I don’t think I would put him on a par with Tuukka Rask, Jonathan Bernier, or Cory Schneider.  Not yet.  He may well rise to that level, and soon, if he has a chance to develop.  That means playing, a lot. (more…)

Questions I Can’t Answer About Women Watching

Twitter made me start thinking about something I’m sure a lot of people have written about.  Since writing topics are coming a little harder for me lately I’m going to run with it anyway: how do women see their role as sports fans?  Specifically, how do we see ourselves as watchers of men’s pro sports, or any men’s sports for that matter?

Watching the Game

I believe the original Twitter topic had something to do with fan jerseys tailored for women, but it quickly turned to the topic of women watching games without any understanding of the sport:

Playing the devil’s advocate, I suggested that some of those women might only be pretending to know nothing about the game.  In some circles, it is more acceptable for women to watch men be beautiful than to study the game.  I was surprised to get this answer: (more…)

Goalie Go Round, Summer 2011

While the Stanley Cup Finals carry on, those of us distracted by bitterness are warming up for the full blown off-season.  Of course at the top of the To Do list for the Flyers is the placation of the fan beast base with  goalie talk.  Here are a few of the more obvious possibilities:

Everybody wants one, and there is only one available.  That alone boosts his value like the only platinum-plated dog-walking litterbox-cleaning iPhone on the planet.  Unlike any iPhone on the planet, he really is that good and will probably make some team very happy. (more…)