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Free Agency 2011, Day 1.5: The good, the bad, and the in between

Good News:
Jagr’s a Flyer. Boosh has a contract (CAR), as do Roloson (TB), Mayers (CHI), Theodore (FLA), Smith (PHX), Eager (EDM), Carcillo (CHI), and O’Donnell (CHI). Even Mike Commodore, on the day he was waived yet again by Columbus, got a contract (DET).

That I can remember all that sort of disturbs me.

Also Kind of Good:
The most hyped free agents all signed themselves into really well paid long stays in relative obscurity. Ehrhoff might have made the best choice with the Sabres. They could make some noise worthy of Miller.

Wizniewski came off like a jerk in his NHL on the Fly post-signing interview. He managed to diss Detroit and his own family, probably trying to sound wise and witty respectively. Fail.  Despite that, I’m glad he’ll be in Columbus.  Columbus could use a  break or two.  Wiz and Carter will help but how much can a team turn around in one offseason? (I mean without Steve Yzerman at the helm.)

Brad Richards signed with the Rangers this morning. Yay. I really didn’t want him to be an LA King.

Ridiculously Good News:
Leino has a killer deal and Doug Wilson doesn’t seem to have gone barking mad loony insane.

Wilson made his big move before the deadline by trading Setoguchi (sniffle) for Burns (better be all he’s cracked up to be), but he also picked up a couple of players on the Reellybigday too.  Vandermeer, a defenseman, was the first.  Not sure how he fits.  The party line is he’s a tough guy. Okay…

Second, Wilson signed Michal Handzus.  His name got me all worked up but then I saw he’s Slovakian, not Czech. Oh well, it’s close.  Apparently he is expected to help out with the penalty kill.  That would be nice.  (I hope the new Assistant Coach In Charge Of That helps too.)  Jonathan Quick says Zus is good for the PK and defense in general:

That made me feel a little better about Handzus.  Biased the statement may be, but it’s also very sweet.  It’s hard to hate Quick, even if I sort of always want his team to lose.

Bad News:
Mike Richards is still an LA King, Carter still a Blue Jacket, Bob and Leights still both in purgatory. Seto is still a Minny green man.

To be seen:
Vokoun unsigned, Nabby untraded, Nichol unsigned, White not yet.  And Gagne….?

Ooops! There is it, word from LA:

For no reason I can fathom, I am happy about this.  I’m still unhappy about Ritchie being in LA but glad Gags has agreed to come west too.  As I said, it makes no sense but I want to file this under “Good News.”


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