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Flying Colors

Just a little something while I try to figure out how I feel about all the changes on the Sharks roster:

Make what you will of it, here’s how the recent Flyers roster changes look by signs.  White is for air elements, peach is fire, green is earth and blue is water.  Presumably, signs in the same element have some common characteristics.

There’s been a subtraction of air and earth, and an addition of fire to the 2011-12 roster.  I’m ignoring the fact that at least two of those fire signs and two of the air signs may not play much, if at all.

Air is generally considered an appeasing element, earth a stabilizer, water nurturing, and fire energizing.  Those are the positive aspects of the elements.  The less flattering aspects of each might be that air is conflict-averse, earth is inflexible, water is slow to change direction, and fire is erratic.

My guess?  Depending on who else they add, the team will be slightly more turbulent.


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