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Two: Brent Burns

This was really Wilson’s first move this summer, but it’s more difficult for me to sort out than the Vandermeer signing.  This doesn’t mean I’m going to make any sense of it now.

It was one of the moves I had to process while at the NHL Draft Weekend horse show.  That the trade coincided with the Carter & Richards moves made it seem eminently reasonable to me, even if it came right on the heels of Seto’s new contract with San Jose.  I thought that was unfair, but so is life.

Brent Burns appears to be a fine addition to the Sharks roster.  He is only 26, and very large.  He’s also shown a capacity to see and play the game with well above-average sense and skill.

“Brent is an elite first-pairing defenseman that is just coming into his prime,” Wilson said. “We feel that he gives our blueline tremendous depth and versatility… -SJ Sharks press release

He’s had some injury problems, but last year played 80 games.  His numbers are comparable to Dan Boyle’s, which says a lot since he was playing for a team without as much scoring ability as the Sharks.  Todd McLellan had some glowing words about him:

“He’s a hybrid,” McLellan said. “He likes to roam around in the offensive zone and with all that being said, he’s also been coached by one of the best defensive coaches in the history of the game in Jacques (Lemaire). He’s got a strong foundation on how to play in his own zone and against some of the other team’s best players. He’s also 6-foot-5.” -Working the Corners

His contract only has one year left on it.  To re-sign him will probably cost a lot.  Luckily, there is a little time for Wilson to decide if he is worth it.  If he is what he seems to be, he will be worth it.  His initial reaction to being traded suggests that he is not looking to move again:

“This never happened to me before so it’s a learning experience,” Burns said. “Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.” -Working the Corners

That, of course, may change, but it’s a nice thought for now.

He’s a Pisces, like Vandermeer, like Wallin and Murray.  Timonen is a Pisces too, so I guess Pisces works pretty well for defense.  Burns was born in the Year of the Ox, which is supposed to be compatible with the Year of the Snake.  That’s kind of interesting, since he keeps a lot of reptiles as pets.  Apparently Eric Lindros was also a Pisces born in the Year of the Ox, oddly coincidental since Burns has decided to wear #88, Lindros’ number.  There’s more on those parallels here.

That all sounds fine to me.  The moderately traumatic part of the trade was losing Setoguchi.

Overall, he added, “it’s not a good feeling, but it’s a business and things happen. You’ve just got to look forward to the opportunity and get excited about it.” -Working the Corners

I can see how Setoguchi was but one of many skilled forwards on the team, with one of the more attractive contracts.  I understand how the Wild would be very happy to get him, but it still stings a little.  I hope he’s treated like a rock star in Minny, and I hope he thrives on the attention.



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