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In the Works?

I interrupt my plodding effort to summarize Doug Wilson’s old news signings for this development:

The Sharks signed Ben Guite. Until capgeek has it up, I can’t tell by the contract what their intent was, AHL depth or a guy to bounce to the show… If his AHL salary is over $105k, they are keeping him in Woostah. If it is 105k, they might use him in SJ in a pinch. -SJeasy on Sharks Message Board

Though I have seen no mention of it on Twitter, and CapGeek still doesn’t show anything about it, Guite is now listed as a Shark on the NHL site.  This looks odd to me since the NHL site stats don’t show AHL time unless someone actually played some NHL games that season.  Hence, I see no mention there of what he was doing last season.  He was playing for the Springfield Falcons with Mike Commodore.  Interesting off-season the Falcons are having.

I don’t know if NHL teams report any and all signings to the NHL, even if the player is being signed for their AHL affiliate.  In such a case, why wouldn’t the AHL team sign the player directly?

In any case, Guite is a RW, 32 years of age, he played a lot of games with the Avalanche a few years back, but only 6 in the 2009-10 season for the Predators.

Welcome to one Sharks team or another, Mr. Guite.

PS: Per Nola on the Sharks Message board: “Contract up on Cap Geek. 105K AHL salary, 525K NHL salary. “


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