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Oh really, Brodie?  From that vacuum of secrecy known as the San Jose Sharks, you get enough for a gut feeling?  Okay, why not.

First, have the Sharks given Mr. Woodcroft enough attention?  Have they flagged him for the fans as a familiar face, a someone we should be paying attention to?  You can’t just throw someone in there and say “look, here’s a new member of the fearless leaders panel.”  Or something.

Yes, he’s done interviews, those in-game chats where one coach or another gets to summarize the Game So Far in 50 words or less, and sound convincing about it.   That’s important.

What about the web, have they developed his web presence sufficiently?  When I look him up on wikipedia, do I find a page?  No.


OMG, this is unacceptable.  He shows up in several other wikipages, who is responsible for not giving him his own page?  How hard can it be?  Let’s see…

5:50pm: Login in to wikipedia… oh, look, there’s a Help page for creating new articles. I’ll just skip that, what’s the fun in getting instructions beforehand?  I see a Wizard here.  Again with the instructions nonsense.  If you were paying an assistant to do this, you wouldn’t want to waste your money expecting them to read all that stuff. So, skip right to the Create an Article link.

5:59pm: Oh.  It says you should not submit articles about yourself or your company.  That’s a conflict of interest.  That could be a problem, if people followed the rules.

6:01pm: Apparently someone has to be notable to be included on wikipedia.  Well, if Mr. Woodcroft is going to replace Yawney, and receive the all the attention and blame that entails, he certainly must be notable.

6:04: I’m supposed to be reliable and my information must be verifiable.  Well, I certainly can’t say that the SJ Sharks have flat out lied to us, so I’m sure they qualify.  Also, the submission has to be neutral and not copied from somewhere else.  I’m not sure my mission is neutral.

6:07pm: Options, options, Submit for Review, Do a Draft, Go Live Now.  Obviously, we Go Live Now.  And there it is, a nice little box where I could copy and paste the pre-written bio-blurb of Mr. Woodcroft, which I would have if I were working for the Sharks and ready to make him Yawney’s replacement.  6:10pm, done.

Wikipedia rejected my submitted biography for “Marleau the yellow labrador dog.”  Apparently he fails in the “notable” requirement.  I’m a little hurt.  I had a verifiable link to a website (this blog) and everything.  I think it would be a lot easier to get Jay Woodcroft through the approval process, especially since he’s already there on so many other pages.

Oops, I clicked something and it bounced me to a page with a big empty text box, titled “Jay Woodcroft.”  Oh dear.  Well, what kind of a devoted Sharks fan would I be if I just left it there, all empty like that?  TTYL.

6:30pm: Three line bio created, using existing wiki links and Sharks page.  Since I haven’t read all the whats and how tos, I have no idea what will become of my hastily put together bio for Mr. Woodcroft.

6:38pm: Oh, look, my article is already proposed for deletion. I guess I did it wrong.  Well, I didn’t lie, I just did it wrong.  Please, wikipolice, don’t ban me.


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