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Less is More?

I’m sure I’ll have something to say about the Flyers once they start doing something again.  I mean other than having failed to not drink back in February of 2010.

It is fairly quiet in the NHL.  The arbitration hearings keep getting cancelled.  DGS supposes that Jagr, not having played a full NHL season for a while, will not be quite up to it.  He did a projection of many things for next season. 

Disregarding the importance of math, I’ve decided that my theory about less is more will probably pan out.  Pushing 40, your condition starts to depend less on how much you did in the last few years, and more on how much damage you did not sustain recently.  Ergo, fewer games for the last few years will mean more now.  We will see.

Basically, I am a little disheveled by my new project with Kukla’s Korner.   The idea of having to find something to say every day has pretty much shut my brain down.  Barring some crazy rant from Drew Remenda, who I really should thank for sharing his nutty thoughts about why players should have to play more and wait longer before accepting money someone is willing to pay them now… barring that kind of slow-moving target, not much is grabbing my attention.

Yes, it is the off season, the badlands of the summer crossing.  But still.  I’m a chronic blabbermouth, usually I can hardly shut up.  Clearly that isn’t true.  I guess if you put me in a crowded room I will shut up, for quite a while even.  If it were not for this other member of the KK freshman class, who is already publishing like a machine, I would probably not have written anything at all for Talking Stick.  Not yet.

For God’s sake, Doug and Paul, do something!  Something better than a guy in a Shark suit jumping off a building I mean.  Even that isn’t happening until late August.

With nothing going on, I can’t focus.  Maybe it’s ADD, or OCD, or a combination of both.  My brother read the new blog and specifically said he liked the story I wrote in 10 minutes.  See?  It isn’t that I write better in less time, I just write less, and too much time to write many words is entirely unsuitable for the web-speed audience.

Apparently coming back here isn’t jogging anything lose, so until later, or whenever something goes boom in Flyers Land.

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